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  1. Not succeeded.


    I try my "own created"  DSDT - same result

    I try to use the 10.9.0 AppleIntelHD5000* drivers - same result


    If I have time, I may try to look at an older version of 10.9 and try again

  2. As long as you get QE/CI, the rest is just cosmetics. Is it booting in normal mode?

    No. Only I remove the HD5000**.kext, then I can boot without -x


    I am trying again right now to restore the drivers back to /S/L/E and try again

  3. I wonder I should take away HD5000 drivers from /SL/E. It seems to be the case if I don't want safe boot.


    However, I have tried several combination of GraphicsEnabler=No or IntelAzulFB=<value> but not ok.


    Surprisingly, sound comes out from internal speaker.


    More trials are needed

  4. I think it may be issued related to the display card. In my E7240, the user manual said it is Intel HD Graphics 4600


    But most other suggest it is HD4400.


    I should go back to check again the id

  5. I use a newly created myHack and can install without problem. Only on reboot, i need to add -x to boot up.


    After that , without a -x, wait for root device. I use USB as root device in this testing

  6. I don't think sound is loaded in safe mode.

    ok, boot without the DSDT. Boot with IntelAzulFB=12 -v -f. If it boots, then try to export the DSDT with MaciASL or Chameleon Wizard. It might be different for the touchscreen models.

    Here is the two dsdt files


  7. just replace your SSDT with this one for i7-4600u

    I still need to have -x to run. Unable to boot into normal mode only safe mode.


    Also my Safari is jerky and cannot install Adobe flash player.


    No sound as well.

  8. Updated.


    I am able to boot up when I take away the DSDT.aml. and use -x safe mode


    No sound.


    My config is E7240 i7-4600U with 6GB Ram, 256 GB SSD and 1920x1080 touch panel.

  9. The myHack USB installs the drive without problem but I was unable to proceed.


    Either wait at Touchpad configuration complete or wait for root device


    BIOS has been reset to default and turn on ACHI

  10. One way to know is after you create the USB Installer with myHack, it'll rename it to myHack OS X 10.9.x Install Disk. X represents whatever version of Mavericks you have (0, 1, or 2). I'll post a guide with boot pack soon.


    I see it is my fault not to update myHack to the latest.


    am still looking forward to see your guide.

  11. I should rephrase what I have


    I have a active machine E6200 that is running 10.9.2. I use this machine to go the apps store to download Mavericks.


    I use myHack 3.2 to create an installation USB stick. Use it to install Extra from Jake's two packages (Extra.zip or Extra-E7440.zip)


    I wonder which version is correct as either got stuck some where.


    Then I clone my E6220 system into a USB and use myHack to replace the Extra. I am able to boot into GUI (1920x1080) once but unable to login. The keyboard keeps running many characters even I just type one. However, I am unable to reproduce.


    I wish to know your BIOS settings as well. Any change in virtualization setting? I use legacy boot loader and boot from the USB. In the future once I got Mavericks installed, I will dual boot with Windows 8.1


    Help is much appreciate.


    Thanks in advance






  12. What version of Mavericks do you have and what version do you want to install?

    Haswell requires a modded kernel and it's different for 10.9.0/10.9.1 and 10.9.2.



    I am not sure the version i got from apps store.


    How to know the version ?

  13. My problem is that I have either CPU panic or stuck at Bootcache ...


    CPU panic happened when I use Jake's extra package for 10.9.2

    Bootcache stuck when I use Jake's early file Extra-E7440.


    I am using myHack to create my installation stick


    10.9.x from apple store yesterday.


    I think it might be version issues.


    Help is much appreciate in particular which files to create my USB stick





  14. Get the latest working version here. There is still some issue with the headphone, but better than nothing.



    I wish to ask which installer method you use to install E7240/E7440? myHack or unifail?

    I got stuck at [PCI configuration end, bridges 8, devices 12 ]

  15. Dual DVI or DVI/HDMI or DVI/VGA or DVI/DP?

    And which boot pack?

    Jake's extra packages should work from the scratch. I take his and put into my myHack installer and finish the installation.


    HDMI works well though I have not tested ext VGA

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