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  1. You need to get the keyboard and mousepad work first. Are you using myHack and select custom Extra, I think E6320 is of the same spec of E6220. It should work without installing EDP. Only need bootpack

  2. I try on a machine with BIOS A08. restart fix is there in the boot.plist.


    I notice that when I wait for long enough time, it will shut down.


    PS. I take out the bootpack DSDT and replace with an extracted DSDT.aml by using DSDT Editor.



    Sleep function works perfectly. Just like what it behaves in Windows


    Only Shutdown and restart have this problem

  3. FIXED IT!!!!


    Because myhack only got so far with the myfix, it didn't get to merging the extra extensions with system extensions.


    I manually copied the ApplePS2 kext into system extensions, and bam, worked a treat, i even have 2 finger scrolling etc!!!


    Mountain lion is now working fine on my D630, not sure whether to make another guide or not, as it was much simpler than lion install - should I?







    sometimes, the PS2 files need to be in the S/L/E to make them work

  4. I wish to share my experience to install multiboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) in Dell machine. In fact every machine works


    The beauty of Dell machine is that it can allow to boot from any device including modular bay HDD (swap from DVD-RW drive).


    Few key points to be noted before you start

    1. BIOS must be in AHCI mode but not IRRT. Otherwise harddisk cannot be seen

    2. Patience

    3. External harddisk to temporary store back up images

    4. I usually start with a MBR partition harddisk. For Windows 7/8, remember to partition the new harddisk first into the space you want. Also format the partition for Windows. For the OSX partition, I will make it as FAT 32. If you have the Acronis True Image Program, the Disk Director program included can allow me to make the partition type as AF. But FAT 32 is ok


    In my harddisk, the partition is at the following order

    1. Windows

    2. Data common for both OS

    3. OSX



    STEP 1

    With the above, I first install Windows. If I have already partitioned the harddisk and format this partition as NTFS, Windows installer will go straight into the designated partition and get installed. Once completed, reboot and update to get a working copy of Windows 7 or 8.

    By this way, you will notice that Windows 7 or 8 is sitting at only one partition of the harddisk but not two. This helps to allow me to back up, migrate and remove to a new harddisk with the greatest flexibility.


    ** I suggest to back up the working Windows 7 or 8 partition now as re-installation from the DVD, updating patches and fixes take hours.


    STEP 2

    I use myHack and USB stick method. After using disk utility to format as Mac OSX journal partition, install the OSX into that partition.

    Upon completed and reboot, remember to use the myHack USB stick again to boot first as the chamelion bootloader has not yet properly installed. After I select the harddisk OSX partition to boot, launch myHack to install chamelion into the harddisk OSX partition. For Dell Latitude notebook, I can run EDP to fix various hardware issues.


    Once complete, when the machine is reboot, I can have chamelion as default boot loader and can select Windows or OSX. Either can boot up without problem



    I will write further to include more information to tweak


    Reference: Post #11 of https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/642-hackintosh-triple-boot/

  5. I install via myHack and bootpack on a Mountain Lion release version.


    Installation is ok but kernel panic on first run of EDP package. It occurs in dealing with the permission repair etc.


    Upon reboot with -v -f, it boots and almost everything works.


    Only problem is

    1. reboot - not properly reboot and hang

    2. shutdown - white screen with cursor. When shutdown button is pressed, it will show up CPU halted but restart shows an error message of failed shutdown.


    Any suggestion??

  6. how is your windows 7 backup and restored? Did you have the hidden partition installed by Windows 7?


    When you install Windows 7/8, always partition the harddisk into a large enough partition first. Do not allow windows installer to create the partition from a new harddisk. It always creates a hidden 100M partition in front of the C-drive. This is like EFI boot partition containing boot files but creates a lot of problem in backing/restoring and migrating to other disk.


    My preferred windows backup tool is Acronis True Image in a USB stick

  7. JawhnL5, Syonagar and Bronxteck, thanks for the ideas. I've tried all of these but no use.


    The problem is that my os x was a carbon copy clone restoration, not a fresh installation. They have different effect to the mbr setting...


    The text boot menu is a safe mode of chameleon that appears when there is sth. wrong in mbr. and so chameleon wizard cannot alter anything to the safe mode of chameleon, I guess....



    You can use Chamelion Wizard to install theme, etc.


    It should work to re- enable guy

  8. yes you can run edptool again and choose another option... but make sure that trackpad is not disabled in bios first.


    I have only touchpad working but not the trackpoint in Lion.


    However, I am able to have both working in Snow Leopard


    Is it possible for someone to share their working drivers for both here?

  9. I have a Genuine Mac OSX 10.6.8 installation on my Mac Mini (Core2Duo).

    Is it possible to transfer the installed system to my Dell D630 (with X3100 graphics) ?


    Does anyone know how to do it ?



    The free version of SuperDuper can also work. I have most experience with SuperDuper

  10. Hi ckleea,On the trackpad / trackpoint issue, have you tried other kext for ps/2 mouse and keyboard in EDP?On how to install lion 10.7.4, you first need to read our guide in menu above on how to install 10.7, download combo update for 10.7.4, replace appleacpiplatform.kext in S/L/E by running the fix coolbook option inside EDP, run myfix full mode and reboot. As simple as that.Cheers!



    I follow your instruction and upgrade to 10.7.4 successfully. BTW, which version of EDP to be used? I try on 3.0 and it is not ok. Kernel panic.


    For trackpoint, it is not working.

  11. I wish to ask if one can have both trackpad and trackpoint enabled in Lion 7.3. I am unable to have both but they work well in snow leopard.


    Besides, can one show a how to install 10.7.4 on D430?

  12. Hi ckleea,


    Nice guide. We may move it the site for other members to benefit.


    By the way, have you tried this with Windows 7? It is possible to use Windows 7 bootloader instead of Chameleon?




    My work with Windows 7 is limited. Recently I tried the BCDedit method but is of no good. On the other hand, I use chameolion instead. It works very well. Champlist helps me to make the default boot partition. In my case, It uses to boot up Windows 7. However, I have not yet figured out how to allow booting OSX partition from bootloader of windows 7. BCDedit should be ok but I have not yet had a good experience with it.


    The reason for using MBR partition is to allow me to have every flexibility to backup, clone, and restore partitions using windows tools. As all know, there are much more tools to handle this e.g. Acronis is great as it can be booted from a USB stick

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