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  1. I'm using a 256GB SSD, so there should be no problem with 4K sectors. It's unfortunately as I said... I tried everything which is written in the whole wide web and still no luck. And I didn't had this issue with 10.9.5. Not sure which of the changes caused this issue. Maybe I need to wait for an updated Chameleon.
  2. Thanks for the useful guide and the work involved. I finally could update my 10.9.5 installation. However I'm getting stuck with a boot0 error. I tried every solution I could find on the web but without luck. Maybe it has more or less something to do with Yosemite. Booting from the USB stick is working so I still have access to my OSX installation. Looking forward to hear about the Audio fix.
  3. Great to hear that! Will there be an easy way to upgrade e.g. as with going from 10.9.4. to 10.9.5 or is there a fresh installation necessary (with applying a Timemachine backup from 10.9.x)?
  4. I have also tried to connect a monitor to the VGA port (both on the E6410 and an addtional Dell Dock). Without any luck. I have even the latest Nvidia drivers installed but they only seem to recognize the digital port(s). So I'm thinking the VGA ports are somehow implemented differently by Dell. Or Nvidia doesn't even support the VGA ports on OSX anymore (Haven't seen native VGA ports on Macs since years...). Maybe it could help to try a DP to VGA adapter.
  5. Thanks. I just tried MBP5.1 with 1.33f8 and smc-mcp but noticed no changes, neither for the better nor the worse.
  6. The CUDA driver is working fine but didn't changed anything regarding throtteling. I have never edited AGPM (it was kmbeatz) but tried it yesterday without getting anywhere. Today I tried to install the Nvidia Web driver but it didn't installed sucessfully without saying what the problem was. Need to investigate further. Edit: I'm now running the latest Cuda and Nvidia Web Drivers but still the GPU throtteling is not working (and also not the Nvidia Driver Manager). I believe that the NVS3100M is a model which is just not supported fully because the Chip GT218 was never used in any Nvidia cards built in by Apple. The GT330M uses the GT216.
  7. Thanks Herve. Not sure if this guarantees progress but we'll see if kmbeatz may have sucess. However I have tried several FakeSMC versions by myself also with smc-piketon and several SMC versions but all without luck. Currently using FakeSMC 6.10.1323 with 1.57f18 and smc-piketon. If these settings are not relevant for GPU throttle which could be instead? By the way is there a chance to see the current battery percentage on the logon screen before logging in the first time? All I see is a x'ed battery icon probably because the ACPIBatteryManager.kext is not yet loaded at that time. However here's my HWMon screen just for information.
  8. It's quite easy. 1.57f18 is 01570F00 0018 1.58f17 is 01580F00 0017 You probably also have a too old FakeSMC so you probably don't need to try before you update it completely. Check "Bundle versions string, short" in the editor.
  9. Indeed, the FakeSMC from the guide is 4.0. However 5.2.678 brings me nothing but a kernel panic. Need to figure out how to get the system running since -x and -v doesn't help. Update: I removed the SSD and connected it to my Optiplex Hackintosh. Copied the old FakeSMC, reinstalled the SSD, started myHack from the USB stick and ran a full myFix. Now running again. I'm currently not motivated to try another FakeSMC.
  10. Hi all. I have the same problem and I tried using smc-piketon with 1.57f18/1.58f17 and even 1.62f6 but out of luck. Still the GPU clocks at 405 MHz statically. Not sure if this is a problem of HWSensor/HWMonitor or if the GPU really doesn't speedstep. More ideas anyone? I added the SMC key to the REV key only because there were no RVBF and RVUF keys. Do they need to be created manually?
  11. For me two things were necessary to activate iMessage: 1) Trying different Serial numbers 2) Following this guide https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/3115-mavericks-on-e6410-nvidia/page-12&do=findComment&comment=29106 (you want to edit the file per 'sudo nano')
  12. Same here. Did an update through the Appstore from 10.9.2. to 10.9.3, iTunes 11.2.1, Safari 7.0.4 without any issues. Still everything's working like before.
  13. For unknown reasons the Rehab kext doesn't work anymore. I could clearly see it was working after the first reboot but now it doesn't anymore. I installed HW Monitor and it seems to work (for now).
  14. Awesome! Works like a charm. Thank you guys.
  15. Thanks yeahoon and a happy new year. Is the Rehab kext a replacement for the VoodooBattery.kext or additional to it?
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