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  1. Anybody help regarding the sleep in catalina 15.1 after 10 to 15 minutes computer shutdown. In Mojave their no issues like this. my all clover files attached. Please help. Archive.zip
  2. Hi friends, please go through the attached my system m4800 config.plist and clover kexts please give your valuable suggestion any thing wrong with the files or anything I want to add more. Archive.zip
  3. I try MBP 11.3 but black screen in both internal and external .Again I go back to imac 14.2 now booting is alright.
  4. OK I will try all the suggestions that give I will update you once I try. Thanks a lot for quick response.
  5. That means if I change SMBIOS imac 14.2 to MBP 11.3 those issues of my above concern is resolve. Please confirm. Actually why I am asking is in my m4800 except 14.2 if I change to any other smbios screen gone black after booting,then I want to connect external HDMI cable to TV then only it works.
  6. I already change smbios to IMac 14.2 still Camara and external wifi adapter not working before adapter working fine after update to 10.15.1 that also not working. Google Chrome had lot of gliching, now I install Firefox glich issue now fixed.
  7. Thanks a million. Yesterday I install catalina and update 10.15.1,but system camera not working in both 10.15 &10.15.1 any idea/help.
  8. Can you please send your EFI file of M4800 for Catalina .
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