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  1. Quick Update: Ran the installer with Mavericks 10.9 GM using the Extra folder with an updated graphics and applehda kext, still no luck with sleep/wake on lid nor the webcam or microphone registering at all with the system. Any possible ideas as to why this is happening? I have an identical t410s to the one described in the guide (Whitelist-modded 1.50 BIOS, Type 2904, Intel i5 560 M @ 2.66 GHz, Intel GMA4500 Graphics, 8GB DDR3 RAM @ 1333 MHz, 127 GB mSATA SSD, Stock & CD-Bay Batteries installed) The only notable difference between our systems is that my model didn't come with a fingerprint scanner or an SD card reader like some of the t410s' have.. So I'm at a bit of a dead-end here. Any further help would be a lifesaver! I'm really new to putting OS X on these machines and would love to understand what is missing or needs modifying to get this system 100%. Other side note: Tried to replace the AppleHDA using kext utility with the absolute newest one you put in your post, killed audio on my system, had to roll back to the previous version. Update: Tried using the newer version after rebooting and things seem a-okay. One other side-note, I've noticed that under audio devices a non-working "Internal Microphone" pops up.
  2. Tried everything you suggested, and I'm suspecting it might have something to do with using a clean install of Mavericks (10.9.1 instead of base 10.9 possibly?) as I double checked all the kexts to make sure everything was there and enabled, as well as casing over the BIOS to make sure noting was off with no luck. When you wrote that guide initially which version of OS X was it written for? I'd like to try my luck doing a fresh install of whatever initially worked for you and see if upgrading will do anything for me. It'll be a lengthier process for me but it might just be worth it to get everything 100% on this machine. Thanks Jake! Edit: Saw that you used the Mavericks GM with that guide initially, will try my luck that route, make a new myHack installer and cross my fingers.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, looked at my system report and neither the webcam nor the microphone shows up there at all. Will run myFix again and check out your updated AppleHDA and report back. Side note I did do all of this from a clean install of Mavericks 10.9.1, if that clears anything up.
  4. Hi there guys, Just used the tutorial seen here and followed it exactly, and after replacing the wireless card with an older mini-PCI Apple Airport card I've got a pretty stable 10.9.1 fully working... Except for the sleeping and waking on the lid closing and opening, while I can still manually put it to sleep with the function key shortcut, closing the laptop will result in it functioning as it normally would. Another side note I'm also having an issue with the built-in Webcam & Mic not being picked up at all by Mavericks, which I'll admit isn't the end of the world but if I could get it working along with the sleep and wake on lid this setup would be perfect. Thank you guys so much in advance for all the pre-existing resources, and for any tips you might have on helping me out here.
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