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  1. You can add this VoodooSDHC kext to the package (O2 SD Card Reader) VoodooSDHC.kext.zip **EDIT** And also modified Fakesmc.kext (including plugins) to add sensor support for software such as iStats Menu : FakeSMC.kext.zip All working and modified kext are now included in previous post, will remain up to date.
  2. Hi ! I could make iMessage, iCloud and Facetime work using these guides : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298027-guide-aio-guides-for-hackintosh/?do=findComment&comment=2020598 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302347-clover-imessagefacetime-fix-for-yosemite/ Everything works except Firewire which make randomly crash the Latitude. See ya, K8L
  3. Hi ! It's been so much time that I was waiting for someone that would work on this Latitude model ! It seems to work quite well my side (I have an i3 2.19Ghz). Only things that seems not to work here is Wifi (Atheros 9285) and Audio. I'm not very experienced in hackintosh engineering I've learned it all browsing forums. Find attached kexts that are actually working using Chameleon boot loader. It seems that they aren't loading using Clover (r0394 UEFI install) working kexts e5520 audio and wifi.zip Find also a custom DSDT that was made for me some time ago + SSDT files (it was OS X Lion this time) custom dsdt ssdt SMBios.zip I have Windows 8.1 already installed and my filesystem is GPT. I wasn't able to boot Clover before. I was working on it to get closer to an iMessage fix. Thank you for your help / advices ! K8L **EDIT** I've sorted it out. AR 9285 Wifi (Atheros) = OK Touchpad = OK Audio = OK (Internal mic OK) I had to modify VoodooHDA.kext plist to fix Mute button, Level control... Alright now ! SDCard = Not tested Tested : could be better, have some read errors sometimes on some SD Card... Using VoodooSDHC.kext (see below) Webcam = Quite OK, very pixelised in Facetime preview at start, but OK during a call, seems stable. Ethernet = seems OK not tested Graphics = OK no glitch so far Firewire = Not tested (Disabled in BIOS because of previous stability issue with ML). Kernel panic : booting OK but kernel panic when logged in. Workaround : wait for detection prior login (mourse cursor will hang for 15-20sec on login screen) then login and it seems OK. I've disabled it in the BIOS (A14). SSD (Samsung 840 EVO 500GB) = transfer rate seems OK, TRIM enabled Logo splash screen works OK with progress bar Bluetooth : not tested Tested OK (tethering iPhone thru bluetooth without any problem) NVRAM = not tested (not learnt yet actually...) NVRAM is persistant OK My BIOS A14 is not having problem with the ESD which is FAT32 (prior formated with Windows which was installed first) I've tweaked config.plist and found the right drivers. Here are all my Kexts (Jan 3rd 2015) : working_kexts_e5520_with_atheros_wifi.zip I hope it may help. Will give feedback if anything new. Sincerely, K8L
  4. Sympa la démo Blackmagic au taf :)

  5. #NowPlaying "GTI - Mistik" de Manu le Malin (Biomechanik)

  6. Hello ! I've sent you files for this Dell Latitude E5520 with i3-2330M Cross fingers. Sincerely, Francois-Xavier [email protected]
  7. Mais quelle est cette chose brillante dans le ciel ? #BZH

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