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  1. I can see from your footer that you seem to have everything working on your XT3 - any chance you could make a guide/post what you have used? Would love to have this on my XT3 that seems to be identical to yours.
  2. That's odd that you have to do that to make sleep work, on my D630 I just installed SleepEnabler.kext and sleep just worked. Or is this an issue with 10.7.4 and not in 10.7.3 (what I'm running)
  3. I have looked in /E/E/ and I have the FakeSMC in there. Are you suggesting that I remove it?
  4. Cheers for the reply, I would assume that by /E/E/ You Mean /Extras/Extensions/. In there there is no .kext called IntelCPUMonitor.kext. Should I download a copy of it and put it in there? I have also looked on the Intel site and for my CPU (Intel Core 2 Duo T7300) and can see that the T Junction is 100.
  5. I have installed the kext and GUI listed in the second post but my cpu is still running very hot ~50 degrees before the fan kicks in to do anything about it. Also my cpu is showing up in about my mac as a 1.09 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo despite it actually being a 2.0 GHz. This is most likely because I cannot install EDP 3 (ineptitude probably). I have tried EDP 2.2 and that just creates loads of kernel panics and I end up reinstalling.
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