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  1. Okay, I reinstalled OS X and I'm able to boot without using the USB now. Something I'm missing though is the Audio. It doesn't works. Is there a fix for this? I tried VoodooHDA but that had no positive result.
  2. That's the same for me now It's strange, because the kernel file does exists... I hope patel4prez is able to fix this (and I think he can)
  3. I'm so stupid, VGA was connected again. Stil having a Kernel not found error when booting from the HD itself though.
  4. mangteban2011: Exactly the same. Also, if I boot from the USB now, I'm getting a black screen.
  5. I'm waiting on a good tutorial for Yosemite on this forum. I'll try to find help on the Tony Mac site too. I have a nVidia NVS 3100M btw
  6. Hello, I've created a Yosemite installation USB using Uni-Beast (f*ck sensored words). I'm booting the installation using the following flags: USBBusFix=Yes GraphicsEnabler=No -v -f It boots, but before the GUI should start, I'm getting a black screen. The USB stops loading screen, I've been waiting for about 10 minutes. Unfortunately I can't show you any errors because the black screen is just "showing" too fast. Could anyone help me with this? Thank you!
  7. Can I use a real iMac to create the USB and boot it on my Latitude?
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