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  1. dm4n, Glad you were able to resolve the audio issues. Strange how Kext Utility installed the BCM5722D.kext inside your IOnetworkingFamily.kext. I just looked at mine again and it is definitely in the main System > Library > Extensions directory and nowhere else. Just leave it alone as long as it loads properly, I guess. My GPU (ATI Radeon HD 6670) was recognized correctly without any patches. QE/CI are all working smooth and everything renders as expected. It shows up in About this Mac as "AMD Radeon HD 6xxx 1024 MB" For what it's worth, the specific card I have installed is the HIS iSilence 4 H667PS1G Radeon HD 6670 1GB 128-Bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16. Interested to hear how Clover works with your Mavericks installation.
  2. Hi dm4n, Glad you liked the wiki - it doesn't get much traffic but I wanted to share what I was able to figure out. To answer your questions: 1) I am not using a DSDT. I tried to generate one that would fix the sleep issues but never succeeded. Everything else seems to work properly without one. 2) The BCM5722D.kext should be installed in System > Library > Extensions. If you use Kext Utility to install it for you, that's where it will end up. Be sure you're using version 2.3.5 - other versions will lock up if network traffic gets heavy. 3) The front headphone jack is working for me with VoodooHDA.kext version 2.8.4. I had some problems with version 2.8.5 not adjusting the volume correctly. That might also be causing the problem you're encountering with the front headphone jack. 4) I don't have a lot of experience with Clover - I only used it because it is currently the only bootloader that works with the developer preview of Yosemite. The settings is the screenshot worked for me as long as I also used the config.plist attached to my previous post. I'm pretty sure this is a standard Legacy BIOS install for Clover. Hope this helps. Let me know if you encounter any other issues or have anything that ought to be added to the wiki.
  3. I have Clover v2k_r2703 booting an OS X 10.10 Developer Preview installation on my Dell Precision T3500. It was a little tricky finding the right config.plist configuration for this machine. I've attached the config.plist here. Hope this helps. config.zip
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