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  1. How do I achieve this Bronxtech? I have to go into the bootpack's plist of course correct? And what do i change?
  2. I stand corrected Hervé, and I have made the myhack installer usb again, and the bootloader just stands there with doesn't even go pass the fancy wallpaper screen after the loading timer has ran out.
  3. That's possible that the Chameleon bootloader may not have been properly installed, therefore I will give it another go later on tonight. I tried with multible thumbdrives thinking it might've been an issue with the first one I used when they all did the same. The last one i tried acted as if it wanted to boot but just restarting the laptop. By the way, my D430 has GMA945 instead of GMA950 am I on the road for failure?
  4. +kudos Hervé for all your hard work and to everyone who has contributed to the development on getting Mac OS X to run on our Latitudes. I'm coming to you guys for help because I have no where else to run to. I've acquired a Dell Latitude D430 and I haven't been successful on getting Mountain Lion to be installed on it. I followed the written tutorial to the T and the installer doesn't even load.
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