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  1. Have you merged your fixes to the official repo @ https://github.com/acidanthera/BrcmPatchRAM? PS Hackintool v2.9.4 will now apply the WLAN patching as per this thread when you patch "PCI Devices" in the "Patch" tab.
  2. What changes have you made? I'd be interested in taking a look.
  3. Don't use bcm4352bt.kext with the Azurewave CE123H unless you want Bluetooth only. Use bcm4352.kext for WiFi + BT. So I suggest you delete bcm4352bt.kext from /System/Library/Extensions and install bcm4352.kext and BTFirmwareUploader.kext. Follow the 10.10 portion of this guide. If you use Clover it's easy; just copy and paste the various sections of config-bcm94352-100.plist.zip to your config.plist. These modifications enable Airport, 5 Ghz and Handoff. NOTE: The instructions incorrectly state to place BTFirmwareUploader.kext in Clover/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10. You should use DPCIManager instead (then repair and re-build cache). Firmware should be v14 c5575 if it installed correctly.
  4. I have an Azureware CE123H and I dual boot into Yosemite / Windows 8.1. I cannot get wifi to work under Windows 8.1. It can see access points but connection always fails. Is it possible this firmware update can cause a problem in Windows? EDIT: Nevermind; the default driver in Windows 8.1 does not work. You need to install a newer driver such as broadcom_wireless_lan_7_10_96_0_win8_1_driver.zip
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