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  1. Please share the kexts Extra folder
  2. Im on A10, Turns out i was always booting without the graphics kexts and also used GraphicsEnabler=Yes string in org.Charm..plist Thank You very very much for the guide Helped a lot
  3. it shows 1024 MB of VRam after i installed a FBCapri kext and Yes the menu bar is translucent. But i cant play videos off of vlc just get a dark screen with audio. And getting tear on the menu bar.
  4. Done installing the Extra with myHack "Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 64 MB of Sharing" Will QE/CI work?
  5. Oh Ok! So i should just install it with the FB kext and boot up with "IntelCapriFB=3 -v" ?
  6. Yes i did Sir.. I used your own guide. downloaded all the attatched files.. I used the the DSDT in the Extras pack. Ok i will try "IntelCapriFB=3 -v"
  7. Thank you for your reply. Im using Chameleon bootloader and its a Dell e6230. Could you help me get QE/CI working?
  8. After installing the FBCapri kext i got a blank screen the Dell e6230 Resolution: 1366x768 RAM: 8Gb OS x version: Mavericks 10.9.0 Please Help!!
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