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  1. Hei, hope you guys can help me out! I try to install El Capitan on: Intel i7-4500u Intel HD 4400 1920x1080 max resolution Wacom digitizer with pen and touch 8gb ram Intel 7260 AC wifi I deleted the EFI folder and replaced the one Jake Lo posted in #10, It worked but I got some issues. - There is no sound. Do you know what kext I should install, place in to the L/Extra? I could not find any audio related kext in the kext folder. - Touchscreen and the pen works, however the trackpoint does not. Also left click is only detected on the top of the touchpad (the trackpoint
  2. Hey everyone! Hervé <- Yeah hibernation mode is 0. black.dragon74 <- Ok, I gonna check it.
  3. Thx! I did the mentioned things: - Uncheck Inject NVIDIA - Copied DST files to: EFI/ACPI/patched - Added DST names to sorted order Unfortunately the same happens as before (#1). I attached new origin.zip also included config.plist origin.zip
  4. Thx for helping me! I copied the given files to EFI/ACPI/patched <-- I guess thats where they belongs, right? My cpu is: i7-3820QM "You use sorted order. DO NOT forget to add these SSDTs names in that." <-- Im not quite sure I know how and where should I do that?
  5. Hey everyone! I need your help with my Precision m4700, with Quadro K2000M (Attached my EFI directory) The biggest problem: The computer can not wake from sleep. It restarts and the bios (ver. a17) automatically disables Optimus, so after the boot it will be a black screen. If i restart the machine, and set Optimus ON the screen will work again until next sleep. My guess: On wake the PC try to use Quadro, but it doesn't work so it restarts and the bios disables Optimus. Unfortunately I dont know how to make the Quadro work, or how to just disable it. Issues with the touchpad:
  6. Hei everyone! Can someone upload / send me a full EFI folder for Sierra? My machine is: Dell Precision M4700 / i7-3820QM Thx! PB
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