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  1. Same error with a Little different message. And whats weird, when i reboot laptop with "recover apps after restart" there is no KP. Edit: my bad, it is not working when using "recover apps after restart" checkbox, KP appears when i switch off and switch on my laptop, when i just click 'reboot" everything works
  2. Boot without cache did the trick somehow.
  3. Booting without cache didn't work (rebuilding permissions also). I tried this new ps2 controller but also no success.
  4. Yes, i tried only over ethernet and it's labeled en0
  5. I have the same problem. First boot always gives me KP and after a reboot it works. I'm going to try with a updatex ps2 from update section and see if it works
  6. I'm able to log in with the same password on icloud.com
  7. I tried that with 4.30 https://www.dropbox.com/s/qmo5prb7b3al3vy/Zrzut%20ekranu%202016-08-09%20o%2007.42.24.png?dl=0
  8. Hi everyone, Does anyone is able to connect to icloud service? I cannot download anything from app store and my keychain is not working becouse of that. I tried on wifi and ethernet and I'm getting "wrong password" error but it's correct.
  9. I'm sorry but i have no idea how to do this "on-the-fly", I'm not familiar with this method.
  10. Hi everyone, i just have installed 10.11.5 with bootpack, and i cannot get sound to work, i did paste updated hda kext in /L/E and rebuilded cache but it's still not working, there is no device in sound manager, oh and it was working when i had 10.11.3
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hzh7i7z0o8yfww5/EFI.zip?dl=1
  12. Ok, I did manage to see usb in uefi boot list, i had to update my bios to the newest version. Now when i select Boot from "install os x el captian" in clover menu i see apple logo for half of a second,and then my notebook reboots to the same clover screen, i tried verbose mode but there's nothing, it reboots immediately Edit: I can upload Clover folder from EFI for verification.
  13. " Note Bootpack is a combo of the Generic_EFI + E7440 = EFI" What did you mean by that?
  14. Is there a el captain tutorial without uefi?
  15. unfortunately it did not work, usb 2.0 was not a solution too.
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