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Found 3 results

  1. Tl;dr learn from my mistake: Don't mess with iCloud, unless you've really lost your laptop. Yesterday I tried to activate Lock Mode to test it(!) and the OS rebooted back into Mac OS without any issue, unlike my iMac which rebooted into the "This Mac has been locked" screen. So I thought nothing of it. Until today where I was going into the installer to access Terminal and the lock screen popped up, though the PIN I set didn't work and iCloud didn't recognize the laptop as locked. Oops. Things I tried: - Wiping the OS = Still locked. - Removing the battery and reseating the CMOS battery = Still locked. After Googling for a while I found that you need to clear the NVRAM to remove the iCloud lock key. When you reach the Clover menu of your OS X Install USB, add the arguments -s and -v to the boot arguments and select the Install OS X <Version> option on the first menu. When you get to the bash prompt run nvram -c (or a few times if it makes you feel better after making the same mistake) and reboot. Your Mac should no longer be locked! Since I decided to re-install afterwards, I can't guarantee it won't re-lock if you don't re-install and keep using your existing installation, but at least you'll be able to re-use the laptop for OS X again. Learn from my stupidity. Don't play with iCloud.
  2. Hi everyone, Does anyone is able to connect to icloud service? I cannot download anything from app store and my keychain is not working becouse of that. I tried on wifi and ethernet and I'm getting "wrong password" error but it's correct.
  3. Hi! After a serious fault, i reinstalled my system, and i made a guide about how to fix the iCloud. aaand it's worked. more or less. I checked it with my friend's apple id, who has a real Mac and iPad. I was able to log in without problem. I checked it with app store and iCloud. But when i tried to log in with my apple id (what i never used before, because last time i could't make to work the app store and the iCloud) i ran into the following problem. When i log in to the app store, there is no problem (still i didn't attached my credit card to the id, so i can't look around the downloading until i make that). however when i try to log in to iCloud in system preferences, it throws me back like this way: Try to log in - it shows me the Terms & Conditions text - when i check the read box and to the continue, it disappears but after 1-2 sec it comes back.. over and over and over. The only difference what i noticed is that when i check the box AND i roll down the text until the and, and after click to the continue it shows an error message* for a 1/2 sec. And everything start again. First i thought the problem is that i don't have any iOS device, but when i noticed this message my theory was weakened. I made a video about it and take a screen shot in it to show the message because there is no human who can make a screenshot about it in that short time (i think ) Could anybody suggest me anything to solve this? Thanks!
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