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Hackintosh El Capitan won't boot after installing xcode


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Good day all,
I don't really know if I should post this here or not so if not, please move it to the correct one.
I've successfully managed to get my Dell Latitude E7440 up and running with OS X 10.11.3 and 10.11.5
The problem i have for 2 weeks now is that after installing all applications i need, it suddenly stops booting.
After some long frustration nights i then took my time to install every single application 1 by 1 with a reboot in between just to know which application causes the ongoing reboots with the error in this picture.
Finally I found out that it's Xcode that's causing it. Can anyone help me with this error? I need Xcode to do some development as I'm in the learning of building apps with Xcode.

I have a Dell Latitude E7440 (Clover UEFI)
CPU: i5-4310U
Graphics: HD4400, 1366x768
Please help?


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Same error with a Little different message. And whats weird, when i reboot laptop with "recover apps after restart" there is no KP.

Edit: my bad, it is not working when using "recover apps after restart" checkbox, KP appears when i switch off and switch on my laptop, when i just click 'reboot" everything works

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