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  1. i have dell wireless 1705 802.11b/g/n(2.4HZ).....i tried to install kexts from HVT and also from some other kexts i got ....nothing worked till now.....plz help me solve this issue
  2. i have dell wireless 1705 802.11b/g/n(2.4HZ)
  3. dude...ur awesome...ur really awesome...thank u a lott....ur dsdt fixed everything....now the only problem is with wifi
  4. i have uploaded the files you asked...plz verify them and tell me whats wrong .....also i replaced my config.plist with yours and installed those kexts
  5. these are my dsdt and plist DSDT.aml.zip this is plist.zip
  6. it says you cannot upload this type of files when i try to upload my dsdt and config.plist
  7. How about the graphics card? Intel hd4400 ...i did everything as per the guide... Could u be more precise about helping me to fix this graphics issue.... Plz
  8. I installed yosemite with the help of ur guide on my inspiron 14 r 5437..... Every thng works fine but the graphics and wifi dosent.... My specs are 8gb ram, intel hd4400, i5 4200u, It only uses 4mb vram from the graphics card... How to fix it and als the wifi issue? Please help me
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