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  1. Deleted it and then re-downloaded it from scratch. Still same error. I guess I might have to try creating a USB installer if I can't get it sorted
  2. Hi I saw that too. If I change my BIOS to the correct time however, then when I boot up OSX its 9 hours too far into the future (and still doesn't install). So, I changed my timezone to GMT (9 hours earlier than here in Japan) and now my BIOS time and OSX time are the same, however it still won't install... Any ideas?
  3. Hi Am trying to upgrade to El Capitan, but am getting an error. Any ideas?
  4. Hi Am in Japan atm, so may not have a chance to try HDMI audio until Tuesday, however I know HDMI video works fine. I remember you gave me a separate SSDT for HDMI audio, but I removed it for some reason. I think there was also an edit in the config.plist I'll have to go back and look it over. I'll give the upgrade to El Capitan a go. Are there any issues I need to be aware of? I guess it's pretty straight forward with clover... The DW-1560 worked out to USD $40 including delivery to Australia, just have to wait a week or two for postage from Singapore. I'll let you know how I go.
  5. Hi Thanks for the continued support. I was able to get the sound working by enabling legacy mode in the BIOS. Whether I'm using the new file provided (many thanks) or the one previously supplied, sound works exactly the same. Without previously supplied CodecCommander.kext: Headphone auto detection works well. Headphones continue working well even after sleep (doesn't matter if they're plugged in on wake or not). Only issue is, internal speakers do not work after sleep. With previously supplied CodecCommander.kext: It works really well, and speakers work fine after sleep. The only issue is that headphone jack detection only works from sleep. Ie. If I want to change to headphones, I need to plug them in, press the power button to go to sleep, the wake it a few seconds later and it works fine. Then, to go back to internal speakers, I have to take the headphones out, go back to sleep, then wake. Any ideas? Also, any idea why the computer reboots itself if I leave it for too long? I've also ordered a DW-1560 WiFi module, so will hopefully have a fully working laptop shortly. Thanks
  6. Hi I've been trying to replace VoodooHDA with AppleHDA_ALC293 and CodecCommander to test out the sound issues again, but can't do it. They were working before, but now I can't seem to get it to work. I've removed AppleHDADisabler and VoodooHDA, removed the VoodooHDA preference pane and VoodooHdaSettingsLoader, and installed AppleHDA_ALC293 and CodecCommander to S/L/E with Kext utility, but on reboot, the speaker icon is greyed out, and system preferences says no output devices found. Any idea what I may be doing wrong? Thanks.
  7. Hi Nothing at all seems to happen when when I plug the headset in. Internal speakers continues to be the only output option. Some of the people at work have a dock. I'll check Mon or Tue next week. In the mean time - the latest VoodooHDA works with headphones and has auto switching. Thanks
  8. Hi Would anyone mind having a crack at patching mine? Really lost on correcting the verb data and everything after that looks pretty tricky too. Part1.rtf Part2Attempt.rtf codec ALC3235_dump.txt config.plist.zip SSDT-12.aml.zip DSDT.aml.zip AppleHDA.kext.zip (Am on 10.10.5) Would really appreciate it.
  9. Hi I've attached the codec dumps for the ALC3235 and also HDMI. Hopefully you'll be able to help figure out how to get the headphones working. While I was in linux, I plugged a set of headphones with mic into the port and it auto-detected the new input/outputs and worked fine... codec ALC3235_dump.txt codecHDMI_dump.txt
  10. Hi Sleep/wake seems to work fine. I've got an Edimax EW-7811UN USB WiFi that I have for my LEGO EV3 that I think works with OSX. Will give it a go tomorrow. A few small graphical issues on occasion, but it's been working well overall. Really keen on getting the headphone issue sorted out. I'm working on getting that sound codec dump. Perhaps tomorrow.
  11. Off to create a Linux USB to get audio codec dump... Wish they were that easy to get a hold of here in Australia...
  12. Thanks. SD card is working now. Thanks. Brightness was still not working. I fixed it be removing the SSDT-1.aml from patched, just leaving the SSDT-12.aml and DSDT.aml. I guess there was something in there (HDMI audio patch?), that prevented it from working. I see F6 can turn the brightness down. Is there a hotkey for turning it up? Also, I tried moving the 2 audio files from clover/kexts/other to S/L/E but the headphones still don't work. Once again; really appreciate all the help I'm getting. A great community.
  13. Thanks Will look in to it tomorrow.
  14. I think this is right lemming.ioreg.zip
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