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  1. Karabiner version 12.2.0 fixed the CAPS led issue.
  2. From 10.14.1, it seems there is no unresponsive cursor issue anymore. The Caps-Lock stay iluminated issue still occurs in my machine.
  3. Thank you, but that kext does not work on my laptop/ALPS V8 device, like happens with previous Bronxteck's compilation (Sierra/High Sierra). There is no cursor movement, exactly as the previous one. There is click and right-click (Option-click). The keyboard works, but the Caps-Lock light keeps on, whatever the mode used.
  4. I suppose yes. I've downloaded the kext from this forum first page. Tried to recompile the original project (link above) on Xcode 10 Mojave, but got errors, and I don't have skills to manage then. error: Build input file cannot be found: '/Volumes/Macintosh HD 2/OS-X-ALPS-DRIVER-Release-6-WIP/VoodooPS2Mouse/VoodooPS2Mouse-Info.plist' macOS Deployment Target: 10.12 Project Format: Xcode 10.0-compatible
  5. Hi guys, I've been experienced an issue with VoodooPS2Controller-R6B10fixed.kext on Mojave. The cursor movement stops after sleep and/or screen saver. Tried other releases from here, but no one else works on my machine. This kext works well on High Sierra. Thanks.
  6. That is a good news, dsarch! I wish you a good job. Ive been following the work from Dr. Hurt, Jake Lo, Rehabman, and others a long time. Got my ALPS V8 working (with V6 Beta10 Fixed) only after update to High Sierra (not sure if it was because macOS itself or any of Clover, DSDT, etc. configurations implemented on each new OS version), but now it works quite well and I am very happy. Still, it's very good having more people working on drivers or patches used by so many people.
  7. You can use Ctrl+Tap to get right-clicks, as a workaround. Do you have two-fingers scrollling? I have ALPS V8 but no scrolling at all.
  8. Asked something like that before. Anybody?
  9. Oh please, the actual driver versions work quite well for a lot of people with V8 hardware, including me. I don't have the skills for that, but guess it's only mixing parts from two existing drivers.
  10. It didn't work. There is no movement, no tapping with this (Bronxteck) version.
  11. will try it tomorrow, machine is at work.
  12. Hi guys. I've tried some releases/betas but can't have both 1 finger tapping and 2 fingers scrolling (plus CapsLock fix and Wake after sleep). Is there a version supposed to manage all that? Release 5 gives me tapping but NO scrolling. Release 6 RC2 gives me scrolling but NO tapping. My hardware is ALPS V8. Thanks.
  13. In my ALPS AUI1714 (V8) there is no noticeable change since last test: - no "soft" left-click (taping). For now, left-click is possible only by pushing down the flatbed. - second and third fingers act as "soft" right-click - scroll works on Safari although no inertia - no Pref. Pane (No trackpad found)
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