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  1. Hello Jake Lo, thanks for helping out. These options you mention were already disabled at my BIOS. I also tried to completely disable WWAN, Bluetooth and WIFI in BIOS, does not make a difference though. I also tried to put in other RAM, 2x2GB, but the Laptop acted the same. I recognized that when I press the Power Button, the Power Button does not light up, the Harddisk does not start spinning. Then, after 5 Seconds, the Power Button Flashes short, and after annother 2 Secs, the drive starts spinning and the Laptop (re)boots. I then have to put the optimus on again to boot with my E6430_A12.zip based setup. I also tried the bootpack from FrostyTheSnowman, but this one is not even booting up on my 6430 I just get I then tried to take just his DSDT.aml, as it seemed to that he already fixed the wakeup Issue in it, but it did not make a difference either...
  2. Ok. It is sometimes a bit hard to follow the flow of the procedures here, because everything seems to change quite fast. If you read a topic which is one year old it could be that the procedure has already changed. I can only state my starting point (Jake-Lo's guide and E6430_A12.zip which is from 28 June date stamp) For AppleRTC, for example, there is an entry in Software Matters ->Mac OS X/MacOS subsection. There you can download a kext for sierra, but you say I should just activate the clover option (which of course was already active in E6430_A12.zip clover config)... So I assume the <key>AppleRTC</key> <true/> does the same as Find: 75 2E 0F B6 Replace by: EB 2E 0F B6 or and installing the Kext. All a bit difficult to follow As with EAPD/Jack sense Fix, there is also a quite lengthy guide on that page, with booting linux, dumping and finding out values, so I assumed I cannot just take the kext from somewhere but that it must be at least already customized to the IDT 92HD93 hardware in Latitude e6xxx, hence I was asking for the one in your guide, also because you stated elswhere that this bootpack is 90+% Relevant for 6430 hardware as well. Regarding sleep. I guess I will have to post my config then.. I double checked everything, and as I can successfully sleep and wake up with the very same config and cloned disk on the 6430s machines, I do not see where I could have put sth. wrong. I Just used vanilla E6430_A12.zip and added dw1550 patches. Bios has defaults. uefi, sata ahci, parallel and serial port disabled, smart on...oh well, I could definitely have made an error, its very complex matter for shure...
  3. Ok thanks. Could I use the one from your 6230 enoch guide or must I go through the whole procedure of the EAPD/Jack sense Fix of EMlyDinEsH ? What I also have experienced at install was a problem when I added files from the 6430 Bootpack to /L/E, after repairing permissons and rebuliding cache, and the reboot, the files I pasted in /L/E were gone..any idea why? I then put them in S/L/E and there it worked. Now that I think of it, I replaced the existing kexts without backup and these will not survive an update I guess. About the sleep issue, I also tried with 1x8GiB installed, sleep fails. Trying 2x4GIB next. Should I try patched AppleRTC kext (from Software Matters ->Mac OS X/MacOS subsection) or does this not help in this matter?
  4. I have now switched to Sierra (using Jake-Lo's guide), have everything fully working with full speed. Except one minor thing: Audio works, but when I plug in headphones, it still plays through the speakers. I have now also a 6430 (without s, with NVS5200), and will get a 6440 with Hervé's specs soon. With the 6430, I also got everything running (HiRes.aml, optimus enabled, set for hd4000 only) except waking up from sleep. When I try to wake, the machine reboots, and strangely it has then turned off "enable optimus" in bios. I was told that this happens with 2x8GiB RAM installed, with only 1x8GiB installed sleep works properly.
  5. Oh, No need for an own thread.. It turned out that I did have a copy paste error in the CapriFB patch. I guess that in conjunction with the docking station did have some misbehaving impact. Anyways, thanks for reading, Hervé. Much appreciated! I hope you can help me with my speed issue in the other thread. I will write when I am finished with my sierra install and still having the problem. Thanks for all of your hard work.
  6. with a new 6430s and the same efi/CLOVER folder as the older machine, I have the problem now that the Laptop display does not turn off when I close it. with active Laptop display it only shows with one external montior, but two are connected to the docking station,. I am going through the other laptops settings, but I am not shure whats causing this.. any hint?
  7. right, the Good machine now died in a car accident. Thanks god no living being was hurt. The CPU of the repacement machine is different, its an I7. So I have to run the ssdtPRGen.sh again and place the ssdt.aml (renamed to SSDT.aml, is that important?) into efi/CLOVER/ACPI/patched Is there something else I have to do? because I did this, and used the efi folder of the dead machine (ssd survived the crash..), but still having the problem... I think I will start form scrach now with sierra ; any good advice to another, newer latitiude or similar (faster i/o (preferably 4pci-e lanes nvm-e ssd) with swappable drives, docking station port, pr03x preferably..) to try out if this all fails? I guess I would try the 6440... I have three different power supplies so far. one 60w, one 90w and two 120w (from the docking station). Eventually I should ditch them and just use 90 watts... Last time It did show the power at startup when I used dockingstation, I was unshure what to do, so I just turned it off. In case I did choose the wrong option within this power warning dialog at startup, what would be the apropriate steps to reset this?Is it enough to reset whole bios (plus addinig hackintosh settings) after switching to standard 90w power supply to gain the full system power back? Also I read that the battery settings are set to smart at default, and switching them to standard should alter something, anyone has experience with that?
  8. hello, I have quite a bit of a problem, I have set up an e6430s , corei5 2.69ghz and 8GiB of Ram, with (now called) "Dell Latitude / Inspiron / Precision - Clover Guide" with elCapitan, upgraded to 10.11.6, I chose MBP 9.2 in SMBIOS. All went well, and I have gotten decent performance out of it, wen opening Nikon Raw Files with Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop. Even dockingstation working. No I have bought another one, with exact same specs. I installed right bios, cloned the partition from my working e6430s with carbon copy cloner, copied the EFI partition over, and it Booted Instantly. - great, I thought. BUT when I did try to open a RAW file with Photoshop, it did not perform the same as on the other machine, it needed at least 5 seconds more! I thought I was doing sth wrong when copying the partition, so I tried to boot up with the harddisk of the first e6430s in the second e6430s - but this made no difference! - is was significantly slower at this task of opening raw photos - so slow that it would be unuseable to edit lots of photos this way. I tried to switch the RAM chips as well ... And to generate a new SSDT.aml for the processor.. So I thought mybe I had to setup the machine fresh - but no avail. Lots of work to play through installation and configuration, but it did not perform. I am a bit fustrated now... I am now trying a Sierra install with the updated Guide. Has anybody had any comparable experience? Could someone give me a hint what this could be? thanks in advance, flo
  9. Hello, I am trying to get 2 external Monitors to work with the 6430s (HD4000 based, Single INTEL GPU, 1366x768) and a Dell PR03X docking station. I have one external Monitor working flawlessly via DVI. Would be nice if someone could point me in the right direction, what would be the best / easiest solution? Should I try tho get one of the two DVI / Display Ports working? VGA (on laptop or dockingstation?? I read that patching the AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext could enable VGA...) HDMI (on Laptop, does it even work when plugged in dockingstation?? LAN Plug right to it does not...) I have tried to fiddle around with the on-the-fly kext patching the AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB in Clover Configurator, but no luck so far.
  10. hi, I have bought a dw1550 for my 6430s. fits in - original intel card also has a plug for the third, gray cable, dw1550 does only have two read about that is something auxiliary.. hope it works nevertheless. when booting from my linux stick as well as DPCI manager show the card: ven dev subven subdev 14e4 43b1 1028 0017 So I assume I installed it right. I tried to activate it with the SSDT method of toleda (putting ssdt_arpt.aml as SSDT-1.aml in /EFI/EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched, having a SSDT.aml already there), but it does not show up. Must I do sth. else? Is there a log of what happened? Should I bother trying the other methods or am I doing sth. totally wrong?
  11. ok, successfully did that. I used: https://github.com/RehabMan/Laptop-DSDT-Patch/blob/master/usb/usb_prw_0x0d_xhc.txt
  12. Hello, I have tried to install El Capitan on a Dell E6430s, using the Latitude El Capitan Clover guide. Works out quite well, only having problems with sleep. I tried to install twice, and precisely followed the instructions, but no avail. I also followed point 11, only thing I did afterwards was to run trimforce and set that the disk would mount with noatime options. Sleep was working in Yosemite though, so I have some hope going to sleep (by clicking it in the menu) works, but when it is ready to sleep (end of harddisk activity, powerbutton starts to glow periodically), it awakes again, with monitor black until I touch the keyboard, or click a touchpad button. When I have an USB Stick attached, It then tells that it was not ejected properly. could somebody help me out?
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