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El Capitan - Dell DW1550

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hi, I have bought a dw1550 for my 6430s.


fits in - original intel card also has a plug for the third, gray cable, dw1550 does only have two

read about that is something auxiliary.. hope it works nevertheless.

when booting from my linux stick as well as DPCI manager show the card:


 ven    dev    subven  subdev

14e4  43b1  1028      0017


So I assume I installed it right.


I tried to activate it with the SSDT method of toleda (putting ssdt_arpt.aml as SSDT-1.aml in /EFI/EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched, having a SSDT.aml already there), but it does not show up. Must I do sth. else? Is there a log of what happened?


Should I bother trying the other methods or am I doing sth. totally wrong?

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i just use clover and Dinesh's BT firmware uploader kext in Library/Extensions.


using clover configurator app


1- In the ACPI patches menu make sure to have "AddDTGP" and "FixAirport" selected

2- in Devices menu, copy and paste into the wifi box 


3- in kexts to patch you can add the airport patches and hot spot handoff there is also one to activate the wifi for sierra

Name: IOBluetoothFamily
Find: 4885ff7447488b07
Replace: 41be0f000000eb44
Comment: 10.11 / 10.12 BT4LE-Handoff-Hotspot, credit RehabMan based on Dokterdok Patch
Name: AirPortBrcm4360
Find: 6B100000750D
Replace: 6B1000009090
Comment:  Third party to Airport Patch
Kext: AirPortBrcm4360
Find: 81F952AA00007529
Replace: 81F952AA00006690
Comment  :Sierra FVCO patch

some might need the 5ghz patch. I did not need this one.

Name: AirPortBrcm4360
Find: 58540025182B210020
Replace: 5854080A321B43000A
Comment:  5GHZ Patch

4- force kext to load section you add


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were you successful at getting the DW1550 to work ?



Also, my understanding is that the DW1510 works without any patches.

any reason to go through the trouble of patching with the DW1550  ?

(other than N speeds on the DW1510 vs AC speeds on the DW1550)




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Like Jake mentions DW1510 Does not have integrated BT but some laptops already have one integrated so you might not actually need the BT part. thats the case on my HP. I am not using the DW1550 BT module. 

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Hi guys, i have a Dell E6230 with DW1550 card, i followed this guide to install macOS Sierra successfully, but the Dell DW1550 does not show up. How i can apply patches from #2 to fix it?

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