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  1. I remember I once had a card that could receive only channel 1 to 11
  2. did you do it as described in post 1 ? Unzip it and move or copy the whole folder 'D630Installer' to Applications.
  3. Please go to first post, I've updated the links. Yes. Unfortunately, in my D630 Nvidia graphic card is defective.
  4. Fixed bug when loading large kext files, lspci replaced by dspci (by phpdev32) OSX 10.7 to 10.10 Download
  5. I must say, when I switched the cpu I had no thermal paste, so I've used toothpaste. but that's probably not the cause of the low temperature. There are also programs that drive the temperature up. convert videos with ffmpeg for example brings a temperature above 70ºC
  6. In FakeSMC (6.8.1307) I have no CPUMonitor PlugIn kext. Do you mean CPUSensors.kext ? There, the Tjmax value 0 was set. I set it to 105. no major changes in HWMonitor.
  7. I think T7250 and T7500 produced a higher temperature than T8300 I replaced the T7500 in my old D630 with T8300 and the temperature is lower than before. (playing Youtube Video in Firefox - HWMonitor CPU:36ºC GPU:60ºC)
  8. I bought for $15 a D630 with faulty graphics card, with T8300 and 1440 Screen. I installed the screen and the cpu in my old D630 (original 1280 screen and T7500) works very well, and the temperature is lower than before (cpu & gpu) (is it perhaps on the CPU?)
  9. You can test this in a Terminal defaults -currentHost write -globalDomain AppleFontSmoothing -int 2
  10. if you switch from windows to osx it is normal that you see it that way. there is the Font made ​​smooth. after 4 weeks working with OSX you will not notice it.
  11. Since the last Firefox Updates, my GPU temperature in Firefox is much higher than in Safari (+10) I have only 1 Addon in Firefox (Adblock)
  12. maybe you have a D630 with Nvidia 135M ?
  13. Did you install it as Update?
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