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  1. This is my new generated config: config.zip
  2. unfortunately i can not install clover the installer way ... can you please send me the ISO of this clover-version? ok, i will modify the config at another book and upload new files.
  3. Again the question: What happens? Can anyone explain the cause of the shown KP?
  4. Can I provide You some more Information (with Linux commands) or is it - in this case - unfortunately only try and error?
  5. can someone explain the cause of this KP?
  6. this is KP after using the updated files:
  7. now i have tried newest clover together with aptiomemoryfix.efi this is the KP i get:
  8. @Bronxteck As I saw AptioMemoryFix has been already included in Clover v4439, so wondering if I did understand Your post correctly: - Whats different at v4448? - Driver option means to me: check/uncheck driver at drivers64UEFI (at Clover Installer) So as I understood, I should uncheck all OsxAptio* drivers and check AptioMemoryFix, right?
  9. Thanks. Unfortunately I can not check this before next week ...
  10. Yes, i have tried both Aptio-Fix drivers without success.
  11. There is no KP because System always reboots before Kernel load. No text output after selecting Boot-Menu entry. Reboot approximately after 4 seconds. (Suggest "++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++" shows kernel load!?)
  12. These are the specs: - Fujitsu Lifebook T904 with BIOS Version 1.13 - Intel i5-4300U CPU - Haswell-ULT Chipset - 4GB DDR3 Ram placed at "Bank 2" (only one physical bank) @1600MHz - Intel HD4400 integrated Graphics (according to CPU) - WQHD IGZO TouchScreen Display with 2560x1440 Resolution - Crucial 250GB SSD Harddrive - Intel N 7260 Wifi (has to be replaced) - Sierra EM7355 Mobile Broadband (GPS included) - Bluetooth 4.0 LE - Intel 218LM Ethernet - Realtek ALC283 Audio Codec - Fingerprint Sensor - 2x USB 3.0 Ports (includin
  13. I have got huge problems (maybe only huge for me) to get Kernel loaded after Clover Boot-Menu selection. Always reboot. Maybe wrong BIOS settings? Do not know ... Anyone having experiances with this Haswell Book?
  14. @Admins: Topic may be renamed to "Kernel Panic: Lilu 1.2.x (Lilu 1.1.4 working)" Edit: THANKS!
  15. Realizing this with old - at 10.13.1 working - kext-Versions of Lilu, AppleALC and IntelGraphicsFixup: System stuck with "IOConsoleUsers: time(0) 0->0, lin......." and "IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreeLockState 3, hs 0, ...." Realizing this with new kext-Versions of Lilu, AppleALC and IntelGraphicsFixup: still KernelPanic (Answer: AppleALC 1.2.x is not loading because of missing - not loadable - Lilu 1.2.x )
  16. Removed Shiki.kext: Still KP May a new patched DSDT solve this problem, because nv_disable=1 may not work anymore? If someone would like to give it a try, "origin" has been included in clover.zip archive at post #9. Hint: On my System AppleALC 1.2.x can not be loaded! (1.1.4 works) Because of this Issue maybe Lilu 1.2.x couses KP? How can I use Debug-Version to get more Informations about these kext-stats?
  17. Removed OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi but still KP.
  18. Anyone has Asus ZenBook UX31A UX21A running with working microphone or does it not work at all?
  19. This is my CLOVER-Folder. Please see attached a more meaningful picture. Sorry for bad quality! clover.zip
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