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  1. Yes I tried theses options without success. I always get KP.
  2. * I meant Clover installer. No, macOS installer still causes KP. The first is when trying 10.12.4 the 2nd 10.13.4
  3. Now I reached installing Clover v4452 with Your installer, thanks! Config has been newly configured, FixHeaders checked. But it did not solve my problem. Still KP.
  4. This is my new generated config: config.zip
  5. unfortunately i can not install clover the installer way ... can you please send me the ISO of this clover-version? ok, i will modify the config at another book and upload new files.
  6. Again the question: What happens? Can anyone explain the cause of the shown KP?
  7. Can I provide You some more Information (with Linux commands) or is it - in this case - unfortunately only try and error?
  8. can someone explain the cause of this KP?
  9. this is KP after using the updated files:
  10. now i have tried newest clover together with aptiomemoryfix.efi this is the KP i get:
  11. @Bronxteck As I saw AptioMemoryFix has been already included in Clover v4439, so wondering if I did understand Your post correctly: - Whats different at v4448? - Driver option means to me: check/uncheck driver at drivers64UEFI (at Clover Installer) So as I understood, I should uncheck all OsxAptio* drivers and check AptioMemoryFix, right?
  12. Thanks. Unfortunately I can not check this before next week ...
  13. Yes, i have tried both Aptio-Fix drivers without success.
  14. There is no KP because System always reboots before Kernel load. No text output after selecting Boot-Menu entry. Reboot approximately after 4 seconds. (Suggest "++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++" shows kernel load!?)
  15. These are the specs: - Fujitsu Lifebook T904 with BIOS Version 1.13 - Intel i5-4300U CPU - Haswell-ULT Chipset - 4GB DDR3 Ram placed at "Bank 2" (only one physical bank) @1600MHz - Intel HD4400 integrated Graphics (according to CPU) - WQHD IGZO TouchScreen Display with 2560x1440 Resolution - Crucial 250GB SSD Harddrive - Intel N 7260 Wifi (has to be replaced) - Sierra EM7355 Mobile Broadband (GPS included) - Bluetooth 4.0 LE - Intel 218LM Ethernet - Realtek ALC283 Audio Codec - Fingerprint Sensor - 2x USB 3.0 Ports (includin
  16. I have got huge problems (maybe only huge for me) to get Kernel loaded after Clover Boot-Menu selection. Always reboot. Maybe wrong BIOS settings? Do not know ... Anyone having experiances with this Haswell Book?
  17. @Admins: Topic may be renamed to "Kernel Panic: Lilu 1.2.x (Lilu 1.1.4 working)" Edit: THANKS!
  18. Realizing this with old - at 10.13.1 working - kext-Versions of Lilu, AppleALC and IntelGraphicsFixup: System stuck with "IOConsoleUsers: time(0) 0->0, lin......." and "IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreeLockState 3, hs 0, ...." Realizing this with new kext-Versions of Lilu, AppleALC and IntelGraphicsFixup: still KernelPanic (Answer: AppleALC 1.2.x is not loading because of missing - not loadable - Lilu 1.2.x )
  19. Removed Shiki.kext: Still KP May a new patched DSDT solve this problem, because nv_disable=1 may not work anymore? If someone would like to give it a try, "origin" has been included in clover.zip archive at post #9. Hint: On my System AppleALC 1.2.x can not be loaded! (1.1.4 works) Because of this Issue maybe Lilu 1.2.x couses KP? How can I use Debug-Version to get more Informations about these kext-stats?
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