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  1. Hi... You can click on the wiki tab above and it will bring you to a page with essential guides to get your os x roaring. Check it out as it provide useful introduction including the things I mentioned above. Cheers!
  2. Hi.. I think 25g is more than enough. You can install os x snow leopard in the new partition and leave Windows 7 untouched. The chameleon boot loader will allow you to dual boot both os x and windows. The wiki creates a gpt disk but maintaining your current mbr is good enough. You don't need a usb keyboard to install and boot os x snow leopard. Although the built in trackpad will be very slow (from my experience) upon first boot but good enough to just allow the edp 1.9.2 to be installed. If you intend to create a usb installer, you'll need at an 8g usb. By the way, as your D520 is core duo, you can only install os x snow leopard. OS X lion can only be installed to a core 2 duo system. Cheers!
  3. Hi.. Your hard disk should be mounted in the Volumes directory. Cheers!
  4. Dear ovi, You can display the -v printout by typing "sudo dmesg" in the terminal. Dmesg prints it from a log file which should be somewhere in the /var or /var/log directory. Cheers!
  5. Hi.. Did you use mach_kernel -v -f to boot the retail dvd? Cheers!
  6. Hi art, Did you select your usb drive as the destination? Is it possible that you accidentally install myhack to your friend's laptop and broke it? If you can manage to install OS X to a virtual machine you'll have no problem manipulating the usb drive. That is a big IF. hehe. Cheers!
  7. Hi, Did you ran gptsync as mentioned in the wiki? Cheers!
  8. Hi... I use Kext Helper to install individual kext from the gui. It will also save a backup kext in the /Backup directory if there is an existing kext. I don't think there's any need to re-install each time you have a kernel panic as you'll just need to repair the E/E and S/L/E directories only. U could use time machine to backup your os x system to an external hard disk and later use the install usb to restore it if necessary However, before that, you could boot in safemode and use console to delete file that needs deleting, and if you cannot enter safemode there is always the terminal using the installation usb. Cheers!
  9. Hi, I also just updated mine to 10.7.3 without any problems. Started downloaded overnight, went to sleep and woke up with new 10.7.3 lion roaring! Cheers!
  10. Hi.. Have you tried to reinstall chameleon? It seems that your org.chameleon.Boot.plist and Themes folder may be missing. Cheers!
  11. Dear ovi1, For me, the lion installer boot up normally at the laptops's screen. I did not have to do anything for that. Hmm....
  12. opss.. mach_kernel-v -f I mean Cheers!
  13. Dear ovi1, I used the boot pack from the supported model page in the wiki... Yes... I had issues with wifi when I tried to run the installer usb (instead of turning off the wifi I actually move the IO80221Family.kext which is the same i think). But then, when lion finished install, the IO80221Family.kext did not caused any kernel panic even when my intel wifi is on. By the way, did you rebuilt your extension.mkext after booting into os x lion for the first time and installing edp 2.2? For the first boot I used -x -f but after rebuilding my mkext I just booted normally? Some kext don't load up even if we use -x -f and only load up after we rebuild it and boot normally like speedstep and volume! Cheers!
  14. Dear ovi1, For your information I'm using D630 with intel x3100 and intel wifi card on at the moment. I did not copy the bootpack to hard disk after i install lion and lion boot with no problem. Before registration, I had to use external usb keyboard as lion say no keyboard detected. After that I just remove my usb keyboard and start using the built in keyboard to continue registration. After that I ran EDP 2.2 and selected all apple kexts and speedstep except disabled sleepenabler. Ran kext utility and rebooted. Cheers!
  15. Hi ovi1 & mariusz, I don't think its the bios problem, I was on A17 when I installed lion and yesterday updated to A18. So far no difference. Cheers!
  16. Opss... Sorry guys.. I just realized I used the wrong xfail version. The update version 1.1 does work. It has option either using downloaded lion installation app or lion retail usb to prepare lion installation usb. Cheers!
  17. Hey guys, I tried to use the xfail method again to re-prepare my usb installer for rescue purpose but it does not seem to work this time. I think it is something to do with doing it under Lion 10.7.2 and not Snow Leopard 10.6. I think xfail need to be ran from SL 10.6 as mentioned in the website. I'm trying to re-prepare the usb installer from SL 10.6 to see if this is true. Cheers!
  18. Dear art_4 & Leon, I tested leon suggestion of creating a dmg file from retail usb, mount it and using myhack to transfer it to usb thumdrive but I have found similarly (as my previous post above) myhack cannot find the installation files from the mounted image. I got the following error message:- Mounting & Verifying Lion InstallESD.dmg... 2012-01-28 11:12:25.348 defaults[606:d07] The domain/default pair of (/Volumes/Mac OS X Install ESD/System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion, ProductVersion) does not exist 2012-01-28 11:12:25.688 defaults[619:d07] The domain/default pair of (/Volumes/Mac OS X Install 2/System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion, ProductVersion) does not exist Could not determine OS Version of target device. Skipping installation of OSInstall Mod... Dear art_4, I think you should try to use the xfail method to transfer the installation files straight from the retail usb as it works for me (I'm guessing that myhack method has yet to be refined for retail usb install where as the xfail method has been refined for retail usb install). Just use myhack to install chameleon and extra folder. Further, the kernel panic during booting of installation of usb is probably caused by the IO80221Family.kext. Either delete it or turn off you wifi from bios (i read this is another option) and don't forget to boot mach_kernel -v -f from chameleon (this will also tell you was caused the kernel panic). Cheers!
  19. Hi, I had the same problem with my lion usb installer. I had to remove IO80211Family.kext from s/l/e for the installer to boot up. For some reason its causing a KP on the lion usb installer. However, after lion is installed on hard disk. The kext does not cause any KP for some reason. Cheers!
  20. Hey guys... I just configured iCloud for my account. I found an application Champlist.app from http://tools.inmac.org/ which generated a serial that I used. I'm not sure if it matters for the serial to be in the right 'format' but I though maybe it does since there is an app for generating it. Cheers!
  21. Dear Leon, The os x lion usb stick is read only mounted from os x. Further, I would think it would be better to transfer it to another usb stick for testing / modification / installation. I would prefer to keep my original os x lion usb stick untouched. Cheers!
  22. Hi... I managed to install OS X Lion on my Dell D630 Intel from OS X Lion USB stick with no problems. I used "x move" to transfer my lion installation into an 8g usb stick (my hack couldn't access the os x lion usb stick somehow) and then use "my hack" to install /Extra (from the boot pack) and Chamelon. In order to avoid a kernel panic when booting from the usb lion installer I had to remove IO802*.kext as it is causing a kernel panic. Once I install to my hard disk, lion boots up (with mach kernel -v -f) without any problems. Installed EDP 2.2 and Chameleon. Finally downloaded Kext Utility and ran it. Don't forget to remove AppleHDA.kext before you use kext utility. After that just boot normally and everything works great!
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