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  1. i have v5 and cant use tap to click or 2 fingers as right click. gestures and scrolling is great. any help?
  2. smart touchpad has a bad sensibility. i got back to elan only driver.
  3. not working on yosemite my friend. any tips? thanks!
  4. this update is beyond that beta with the sleep fix you did it for my machine?
  5. just try to use the 3.8 version both on a fresh 10.9.3 install and a 10.10 dp1 install with no success other than that old crazy behavior where when i try to move the cursor, it keeps changing screen and clicking randomly without control. this start happen in all releases after 3.5. you must be changed something after that version. please tell me how can i help to make it work for me and others with samsung ativ book 4. that is some badass driver right there and i really dont want to stay on 3.5 and without sleep. thank you for this incredible driver. my specs are: samsung ativ book 4 core i5 3230, 8gb ram and elan v3.
  6. the final version didnt solve the problem too. keeps the crazy behavior. looks like dont find what version of elan it is. looks like this: 5/9/14 8:41:24.000 PM kernel: ELAN Touchpad v3.8 Copyright (c) EMlyDinEsH (OSXLatitude) 2012-2014. 5/9/14 8:41:24.000 PM kernel: ETD :: Detecting the touchpad........ 5/9/14 8:41:24.000 PM kernel: ETD :: Touchpad set to default state. 5/9/14 8:41:24.000 PM kernel: No interval found for . Using 8000000 5/9/14 8:41:24.000 PM kernel: ETD :: ELAN touchpad found, Hardware version 3 (Firmware version 0x450f00). 5/9/14 8:41:25.000 PM kernel: ETD :: Touchpad enabled. but this part: 5/9/14 8:41:24.000 PM kernel: ETD :: ELAN touchpad found, Hardware version 3 (Firmware version 0x450f00). dont show up, and anything that appear after that. so i keep using the 3.5...
  7. yes, v3.5 worked great. the crazy behavior after wake is that the trackpad open context menu in right and left click, if i try to move goes to another space like dashboard, i can´t move because these things happen at the same time. as said, crazy behavior haha. ok, thanks, tonight i post the syslog.
  8. v3.7 didnt work here. don´t know why. when i put an usb mouse then it responds but in the same crazy way that v3.5 does when wake up from sleep. 10.9.2, v3 elan, samsung ativ book 4. btw, i try to remove the elan kext, rebuild caches and permitions, reboot without any ps2 driver, install from there and even so, didnt work. is there something more to be done? this is, by far, the best ps2 driver around... thanks!
  9. as said, change settings once before the two fingers scroll works.
  10. couldnt find any solution for the "crazy trackpad after wake" issue. any help? probably you guys know, but there is a bug where when you select some text it deselects when you right click on it. thanks! 10.9.2, v3 elan, samsung ativ book 4.
  11. your driver is simply fantastic! i remember to use it since the first one and it gets better and better! many thanks! now i need some help here with some minor things: touchpad goes crazy after wake from sleep, for some reason if i dont boot verbose most of times the touchpad dont move and the only 3 finger swipes that works are three up for launchpad and down for choose the application. any help is welcome. it is a samsung ativ book 4 with v3 as the driver reports. again, thank you very much! EDIT: swipe solved. still need to solve the crazy behavior after wake up and the verbose strange bug.
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