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Enabler DW1820A (BCM4350) for 10.12?

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That probably wasn't the best choice to go for...


Try and opt for MacBook8,1 SMBIOS to bypass potential whitelisting.

Wikidevi states these were fitted with a Broadcom BCM94350 wireless card (Ven/Dev id=14e4:43a3, SubVen:SubDev id=106b:0131)


If whitelisting were in place, the MB8,1 board-id to target for replacement in AirPortBrcm4360 binary patch would be "Mac-BE0E8AC46FE800CC". You would follow the exact same principles as detailed here for getting DW1520 cards working.

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<string>DW1520 Whitelist Patch (MBP8,2)</string>



4d61 632d 3437 3344 3331 4541 4245 4239 3346 3942






4d61 632d 4245 3045 3841 4334 3646 4538 3030 4343




it true?

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Erm... no! That would effectively replace MacBookPro13,1 board-id ("Mac-473D31EABEB93F9B") by MacBook8,1 board-id ("Mac-BE0E8AC46FE800CC"), i.e. the opposite of what you probably desire.


Before you even consider patching the AirPortBrcm4360 kext, please verify that the DW1820A works using MacBook8,1 SMBIOS. Did you do that ?


If you did not, don't bother with the patch. However, if you've confirmed the card does work OOB after switching SMBIOS and you want to return to MBP13,1 SMBIOS (assuming this is what you normally use), you'll want to replace the MacBook8,1 board-id by MacBookPro13,1 board-id. You'll therefore have to swap your above Find/Replace hex strings because you got them the wrong way round.

  • Find = original data to replace
  • Replace = replacement/target data

You'll also want to replace the patch description to this, although this is prurely cosmetic but accuracy would avoid much confusion:

<string>DW1820A whitelist Patch (MBP13,1)</string>


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I've not searched the binary file of the kext for MB8,1 board-id, but I guess you can always try the patch then; you'll quickly see if it works or not.

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