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Trying to generate SSDT with ssdtPRgen

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Hi guys, it's been a long time since I generated my own ssdt via pikers script.   So after I installed HS today, I noticed some overheating issues on my latitude.  Anyhow I tried to create a new ssdt but I get error messages.   I'm not sure whats going on.


grep: /Users/xxx/Library/ssdtPRGen/ACPI/SSDT*.aml: No such file or directory 

Error: /Users/xxx/Library/ssdtPRGen/ACPI/DSDT.aml not found!
Aborting ...
So I understand that error one means there is no SSDT*.aml in the directory and that is correct.  
Am i suppose to place an original SSDT dumped from my computer here? Because if yes I will need to dump it again during boot as I don't believe I have a saved original since I was using a generated one with the earlier piker script.
And the second error I can also understand because inside of the ACPI folder there isn't anything there either.  
But of course I have it in my EFI drive inside /clover/acpi/patched
So what I'm not understanding is why are those errors coming up?  And how do i fix it? 


So basically Im just trying to figure out how to generate a new SSDT for HS, instead of using my old one.  Just to see if that resolves some of the overheating issues i'm experiencing.



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Copy the folder ssdtPRGen.sh-beta to ~/Library and rename it to ssdtPRGen

run in terminal

cd ~/Library/ssdtPRGen

answer no and no. 

copy the generated SSDT.aml to /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched

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Ok that was much easier then I expected.  Thanks Jake Lo.  I actually already had a folder named ssdtPRGen there and I guess it had older files from the previous scripts???  Anyhow not sure if I can erase it or not so for the time being I just renamed that folder and brought in the newer ssdtPRGen folder and the script worked perfectly now.  Thanks Jake Lo.



P.S  I forgot to mention one thing, do I still put -turbo 3300 after script command?  Or run it as is?  I actually tried both ways and the output for each read the same, so I'm assuming the script knows which chipset you have automatically now.

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Ok so after a bit of experimenting, I found both are identical and both have the same issues.  The battery status is not updating properly.  In fact i doesn't update at all.  What ever the battery % is at when you turn it on is where it stays.  It also doesn't update if you unplug it from the outlet.  


However the ssdt that I was using with Sierra still works for that.  In fact I've switched back to it because the slighlty overheating issues remain the same.  


Wonder if there is something missing in my config.plist   I was reading that with Sandy Bridge cpu's that need to have AsusAICPUPM=true in clover config.  I just looked an I actually don't have that kext in my Kext's folder nor do I have the patch entered in my config.  I have this instead





 So not sure if that is one of the issues or not.  For the time being I will continue to use the older SSDT that worked with Sierra.  On intial boot, the temps in HWMonitor go as high as 84-85 for a second or two then slowly come back down.  As I'm wriing this I'm at 52-54* degrees for all three (Cpu Cores 1-2 and Cpu Package)  So its pretty much where I was with Sierra.  The extra overheated may have been the result of more workload do to installation process.  That's what I think because one I let the computer cool down for a bit I didn't reach the 86-92 degree anymore.  



What does the team think?  Should that entry be placed back into Kexts to patch on the fly section of the .config?

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AH ok Bronxteck :)    Ok so at least I have figured out how to refresh the battery status.  I need to go to "Show Battery percentage" on the top menu and then click it on and off and it will refresh to current %.  This is the same if I use the old SSDT that I was using in Sierra or the new one I just generated today.


Might have to add a new patch to my DSDT for proper battery status in HS.  I'll wait to see what I can find out and I think it's best to start a new thread for this topic as I bet others are also having the same issues on High Sierra.  Have you noticed this at all on your Latitude?

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