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Latitude E5440 High Sierra Upgrade using Clover


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Herve, I should have been clear, it aborts in the 2nd stage where I select menu item from Clover to do the actual update. I


Jake, I will try the core storage to legacy you mention. I believe it creates some wierd logical partition. I'm been wondering all this time if its dual boot plus fact I have SSD which it wants to default to APFS while I have it as HFS because dual boot does not work otherwise.


Will update this post.


EDIT - So that worked, I think. Sound and Mouse pad not working so I can't even click mouse. Will try fix all these things.

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Hi all,

i try to update my laptop E5440 from Sierra 10.12.6 to High Sierra with a USB key and clover

Can you post your last revision of the EFI folder and the process to keep the partition in HFS+ (I have a ssd in dual boot (Win+sierra)

thank you for your response

best regards

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Hi all,

I'm trying to install HS with Clover on my E5440 in UEFI mode on a new SSD (for the moment).

I followed Jake Lo's installation guide and created a usb installer via  terminal using "createinstallmedia" and using the appropriate Sierra bootpack  E5440_A13.zip from the same thread. 

I also applied the changes for HS to config.plist.

I can boot from the installer, but clovers boot screen seem to be in a loop with a problem a displaypolicyd and acpi battery manager (pictures 1 and 2).

see in attached file my full folder EFI and somme pictures in verbose mode 

i think that the problem is in some patch applied in config.plist  or dsdt.aml

Can you verified my configuration

Best regards





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according to your screenshot, your system has Optimus (Nvidia card + HD 4400).

YOu'll need a different set of patch DSDT/SSDT.

Can you confirm?

What version of BIOS are you running?

Can you boot to Clover GUI. Hit F4 in the keyboard.

Compress and attach /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Origin folder here for patching.

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Hi jake lo,

thank you for your help 

i have a laptop E5440 lattitude with a bios A14

this laptop has two graphics boards : intel HD4400 and Nvidia geforce GT720M

See in attached files my directory EFI for sierra OS : all  are OK

this directory is not available for high sierra and has the same problem described above

i send you my ACPI folder with the origin config updated

best regards



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