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ASUS Zenbook UX360u


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Hello everyone!

I'm running OS Sierra 10.12.6 on Asus UX360u. Everything works, except for WiFi card (Intel) but I need help with some DSDT edits:

-I use AsusFnKeys.kext but some Fn keys (brightness, backlight) don't work.

-I want use Fn Keys but without typping Fn (Fn keys as functional keys patch doesn't work)

-Also, my touchpad is Elan1200 i2c, so I don't use SmartTouchpad.kext (I use voodooi2c).

-I use also USB WiFi (DWA-131 E) and can't get working iMessages, because this USB is not listed as BuiltIn (nullethernet works but doesn't make my USB WiFi act as built-in device).

-When I turn off the machine, which is plugged on AC adapter, machine gets restarted, also machine can't go to sleep.


So, I'll be really grateful if someone can help me with my DSDT, I don't know whitch patches I need and when I apply some patches, I get KP or some non-functional kexts (like audio).



-Intel HD520 8GB RAM

-Intel Core i5 6200U SkyLake, 512GB SSD

-Clover UEFI

CLOVER.zipMacBook Pro.zip

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what patches had you applied so far?

For Fn keys re-assignment, use Karabiner-Elements.app and set the Fn keys 

Try enabling FixShutdown_0004 for reboot issue.


If you want DSDT patching, extract new raw files by executing F4 during Clover boot. Compress and attach the Origin folder.

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Hi Jake Lo!
Thank you for help...
So, after updating EFI, there is nothing new. Also, I have touchscreen connected to one i2c controller so I dissabled it in DSDT by adding (Zero) in _STA methods of touchscreen(FTSC1000). After that I apply this patch:

After that, touchpad is working.
What is new:
-slide panel for brightness is on settings back
-all FnKeys working (sleep, brightness, audio UP,DOWN and mute)
-it seems, sleep work like a charm 1f642.png
-but, FnKeys for keyboard backlight F3,F4 and F7-9 don't work 1f615.png

Thank you again

DSDT and ioreg.zip

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