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[UPDATED] [Nov. 2017] Fix BTFirmwareUploader in macOS High Sierra


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Atheros uses generic bluetooth drivers hence there is no option to turn BT on/off in macOS, it can be achieved only by the Fn+F2 keys combinations (In a few cases only, like ASUS)

Old Dell DW3x0 modules were based on CSR chips and worked OOB without the options to turn them on and/or off through the BT icon in the Firnder's bar. Once their ids are added to the CSR transport kext, these options become available... You could try the same, there aren't that many transport PlugIn kext that apply here.


Another example with the Intel combo wireless/Bluetooth card in my Latitude E6440. No support for the wireless but the BT module is supported OOB with the generic kexts. There are options to turn it on and off:

Intel _Bluetooth_module.png



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I tried black.dragon74's approach from the 2017-10-29 update of the first post of this thread, but it didn't work out for me. 


I am using a DW1550 / BCM94352HMB dual-card.  Wi-Fi is working just fine, though.


I'll be on standby if anyone would like for me to try out anything different and can report results back accordingly.


Currently running High Sierra 13.1 on a E7440.  Same card worked fine when just running Sierra.

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Brief follow up to where I had left off with Bronxteck's injector.


I was able to pair an Apple Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 successfully. However, the unit dropped to Sleep Mode after I had to step away for a bit.  When I woke it, the devices were unable to reconnect. I shutdown/restarted, and this continued to be the case. I manually removed the entries for the keyboard and mouse, rebooted, and attempted to pair them again from scratch but could not. At one point, when scanning for BT devices, the unit saw the mouse again but was unable to pair it.

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