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Dell Inspiron 15 7548 ( High Sierra installation)


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Hello there,

I followed the guide for patching DSDT/SSDT for HIGH SIERRA 10.13.1 ...but I'm still stucked at apple's logo. but when i removed everything i can reach the desktop screenwith standard boot without any kext installed... so i need help for post install & patch DSDT/SSDT

What's not working? (need dsdt/ssdt patch)
- battery status
- sleep/wake
- brightness
- HDMI audio/video
- trakpad
What's working? (my standard config.plist)
- bluetooth
- Intel GPU HD5500 with 1536Mb
- no glich



Need help!


Odylight’s MacBook Pro-ioreg.zip


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Did you install Clover to the installed drive?

Try booting with the USB by selecting F12 at boot.

Select the USB drive to boot, when it gets to Clover menu, select to boot from the installed drive.

Once you get to the Desktop, install Clover to the installed drive with the same settings as the USB

Copy the bootpack from the USB to the Installed EFI partition.


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