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Wi-Fi stopped working after clover update from 3994 to 4359


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Wi-Fi Card: DW 1550 (BCM94352HMB)

MacOS : 10.12.6


In preparation to update from 10.12.6 to High Sierr 10.13.2 I updated my Clover version from 3994 to latest 4359. Now my wi-fi card does not work (No hardware Detected)




Obviously I will not be updating to 10.13.2 until i can get this issue fixed.


my clover config.plist is unchanged from 3650. so i do not know why it is no longer working.


as an aside, i have installed the Lilu.kext and the airportbrcmfixup.kext to S/L/E and rebuilt cache in an attempt to fix the issue and still no go :( I checked the extensions in about this Mac and they are indeed loaded. I have also installed the latest fakepciid.kext and the fakepciid_broadcom_wifi.kext to S/L/E (the later is not being loaded).


unsure of what to do next. I have attached a copy of my config.plist herewith for inspection..


Any help muchly appreciated.


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