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[SOLVED] Unable to get High Sierra (10.13.3) or Sierra (10.12.6) to boot on Dell Latitude E7270


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Hi All,

I am new to the Hackintosh community, so first off thank you for your hard work! Especially Jake Lo!


I am having issues trying to get my boot disk working.


I have tried following the steps explained here:



And a bit of:



With 10.13.3 I will get the Apple Logo, nothing more. (1)


I tried a 10.12.6 installer, and managed to get the OS Install loading up, but then when it gets to the end, it Kernel Panics. (2)


I am not sure whats causing the issue, I am sure I must of messed something up. I have attached my Clover Config in form of ZIP File.


Attached is my general BIOS settings with BIOS v1.15.4 - (3), (4)


Please help.






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Hi Jake,


Gave it a go unfortunately got the attached results - either glitches with prohibitory sign or just boots in verbose mode.


Any ideas?


Maybe I am getting confused with the use of the generic EFI, am I using the right Generic EFI?


The steps I took were:

- Made install disk with terminal as per instruction

- Installed Clover with UEFI Booting only, Clover in the ESP, and Drivers64UEFI selected.

- Copied contents of EFI_4369.zip to EFI.

- Copied contents of E7270_1.17.5_HS.zip to CLOVER.


Is this correct?


Appreciate your help.



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 Try going into Options when you see the Clover loader, use the right arrow to navigate

Select ACPI patching-> Tables Dropping->

Go all the way down and deselect Drop all OEM SSDT

Check all the Drop "SSDT-xx" below that

Select Return

Change DSDT name: BIOS.aml or anything other than DSDT.aml

Select Return, Return

Hit spacebar to select Verbose mode + debug 0x100

What the above does is to not use the patched DSDT/SSDT if it's a BIOS dependent issue.

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Hi Jake,


Unfortunately no go after BIOS Update, boots in verbose mode and then freezes.


What could be the cause?


To eliminate me as the cause, (I hate to ask this) could I ask of you to join the  

EFI_4369.zip and E7270_1.17.5_HS.zip and attach the file for me to copy straight in?


Again I appreciate your assistance and patience helping me out. 


Thank you :)



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