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Optiplex 9020 dual screen


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Hello, I have a dell Optiplex 9020 and followed Jake Lo guide. Thank you by the way. I'm on el capitan and running the 9020 bootpack. Using the stock 2 display port output. 


I have 1 x 1080p monitor connected to the DP using a DP to DVI adapter to DVI on the monitor. The other monitor is a QHD monitor. It's connected DP to DP. 


The problem, is the QHD monitor sometime work on a cold boot and sometimes NOT. When the QHD monitor doesnt work, the led light is on and OSX see it but the screen is black. I will have to turn off the QHD monitor and turn it back on and then it will work. The regular 1080p monitor above always works. 


What I'd like to do now is get rid of the 1080p monitor using dvi and have two QHD monitor with DP however it will not boot. If I only have the QHD monitor plugged in, it will boot loop.


So I have two problems. 1 is I have to turn off and on the QHD monitor in order to get it working when another DVI monitor is also plugged in. 


The other problem is boot loop on only 1 QHD monitor. 

Please advise.  

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