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Updating Clover from r4369 to r4411: no boot

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Attempted to update clover from r4369 to r4411.

Using bootpack files. 

Clover hangs at black screen/verbose Hangs at ++++++++.

No error.

Reverting clover binary to previous used .efi file works correctly.

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there have been changes to clover config and osxaptiofix drivers between your versions.


kext to patch; kext bundle identifiers need to use the full names not short names like previous.


osxaptiofix's are depreciated it is now recommended to use osxaptiofix3 or aptiofix driver if available (this is where you might be getting the +++++++ issue)


there is also a new acpi option called fixheaders that tends to be needed for 10.13.x

and also for 10.13.x you might need APFS.efi added to clover drivers.


you can see the clover change-log here 

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