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[SOLVED] E7470 - Unable to get to installation screen High Sierra


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I had a fully working HS setup but all of a sudden it stopped working. I am in the process of re-installing Mac OSX. I lost the USB drive used for the initial install so I created a new one following what guides available here.


I have used the latest Clover (4411), latest Lilu.kext, latest IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup.kext, and generic Sierra EFI and the Bootpacks  E7470_1.17.5_HS.zip OR E7470_1.17.5_HS-alternate.zip at no avail.


The installation freezes, I have attached my compressed EFI and a picture of the frozen screen for your review.





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I have attached a screenshot of the KP of the broken HS install. I believe my wife might have updated to the latest HS version causing it to stop working. Any chance that installation is still salvageable? It says multiple times "EAPDFix: Failed to find Audio device HDEF"


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Try going into Options when you see the Clover loader, use the right arrow to navigate

Select ACPI patching-> Tables Dropping->

Go all the way down and deselect Drop all OEM SSDT

Check all the Drop "SSDT-xx" below that

Select Return

Change DSDT name: BIOS.aml or anything other than DSDT.aml

Select Return, Return

Hit spacebar to select Verbose mode + debug 0x100 mode

See if you could boot with those settings



To extract DSDT/SSDT, boot with the USB installer. When you see the Clover screen, hit F4. Only takes a second, all done in silent in the background.

Compress and attach /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Origin folder from the USB installer

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Wow, you first advise got me back into my desktop in HS.

Now the Audio, screen brightness control, Bluetooth and WiFi are not working anymore.

I won't be attempting a new install. I would rather try to get the current install fully functional again. Can you please advise how to get them working? 

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Replaced filed, repaired permissions, rebuilt cache and rebooted. Still get a KP.

I am not able to boot using the "ACPI patching-> Tables Dropping->etc" option.

I was able to replace the Config.plist and DSDT/SSDT with the original ones, I can now boot with "ACPI patching-> Tables Dropping->etc" option.


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