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E7240 Speedstep works?


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Nothing wrong in that config. Regarding SMBIOS profile, you should really give the MBP11,1 a try. Sometimes the closest SMBIOS in terms of hardware specs does not offer the most adequate CPU power management. I posted my own Haswell experiments in my E6440 guide. You may notice that I only ever obtain a single intermediary step between LFM and HFM. It's much better with the Turbo speeds though.


It's older hardware but to give you an example, please know that our good old C2D Dell Latitude Dx20 or Dx30 laptops only gain native CPU SpeedStep with MB5,x/MBP5,x/MPB7,x SMBIOS. If you consider the MB2,1 (GMA950) or MB3,1/MB4,1 (GMA X3100), they're all quasi-perfect match re: hardware specs, yet those SMBIOS do not support CPU SpeedStep at all. Only the other SMBIOS natively provide this, yet they're based on a different generation of chipset and CPUs...

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