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Intel HD Graphics 4000 with 4mb (Notwork QE/CI)

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rebuilding //System/Library/PrelinkedKernels/prelinkedkernel

KernelCache ID : 0ECB7C615500AB6AEC96FE6DABC94EE5

File at path '/System/Library/Prelinkedkernels/prelinkedkernel' changed, cannot be used

Child process /usr/sbin/kextcache[798] exited with status 77.

Error 107 rebuilding /System/Library/Prelinkedkernels/prelinkedkernel


Result from terminal..


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Hmm, not sure how vanilla the dmg file is since it's not from AppleStore.

Download and upgrade to latest Clover. I believe you're on UEFI, so use this settings when installing.

  • Install for UEFI booting only
  • Install Clover in the ESP
  • Drivers64UEFI\OsxAptioFixDrv-64
  • Install RC scripts on target volume
  • Install Clover Preference Pane 

Reboot and then download 10.13.4 ComboUpdate. Install it, hopefully this will replace all the modded kexts installed from the dmg with the updated vanilla kexts in /S/L/E.

If still fails to get full QE/CI, I would recommend you download latest full "Install macOS High Sierra.app" (10.13.4) from AppStore and create a new vanilla USB installer using the same EFI folder you're currently using. Install it to a new partition for testing or install to the same partition overwriting the current but will keep all data if you don't  format


To create vanilla USB installer, run the following command. Then install Clover replacing the /EFI/Clover folder from your current system


sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/"target_USB" --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app --nointeraction

            Note: target_USB = name of the USB drive you're writing to

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