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E6440: new hardware, need help with guide


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JakeLo - Sent you a message 


i need a bit of help - my installer usb drive is a mess with all the different files from the old setup in the laptop.


i now have a i7-4700mq processor instead of the i5 and a broadcom 4322 which is seen by osx natively.


can you help me out here with what i need?

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If you want to start from scratch, then first reset the BIOS to load default. Apply. Then set it according to here with only differences to set it to UEFI and Legacy Option ROMS enabled.

Boot with USB installer, at the Clover GUI, hit F4. Give it a couple of seconds. 

Now mount the USB installer EFI partition, attach the Clover folder here for review

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heres the contents of my efi/clover file on the usb installer.



Dell Latitude E6440 Bios Revision A21

i7-4700MQ with intel 4600 graphics

500GB SSD (Windows partition 1 NTFS- 120GB/Extra Space - Partition 4 380GB)

256GB SSD (macOS Sierra)

Dell DW1501 (Broadcom 4322 Wifi/Bluetooth works native on Sierra)



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