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[GIVEN UP] Fujitsu T904 Hackintosh no success

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Try going into Options when you see the Clover loader, use the right arrow to navigate

Select ACPI patching-> Tables Dropping->

Go all the way down and deselect Drop all OEM SSDT

Check all the Drop "SSDT-xx" below that

Select Return

Change DSDT name: BIOS.aml or anything other than DSDT.aml

Select Return, Return

Hit spacebar to select Verbose mode + debug 0x100 mode

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can you install this clover and then use latest clover configurator app to check if fix headers is selected then resave your config file.

  clover moved the location of the fix headers patch maybe your KP is associated with that.

also if you can re-upload the KP image, because when I click on it it just stays loading so I   can't look at it in detail.


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unfortunately i can not install clover the installer way ...  can you please send me the ISO of this clover-version?

ok, i will modify the config at another book and upload new files.

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