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[SOLVED] E6430 Updating to High Sierra?


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Hey! I have a perfectly working Dell latitude e6430 with Wi-Fi dongle only external device. Everything Else works ok.


What problems will i face if i just press update to High Sierra?


also i have other questions


In my HDMI when connecting screen the only scale option is 720p when the TV is 1080p TV and it Supports 1080p HDMI in.


and then the brightness change works but it doesnt do anything if i try to slide it lower or Higher in the settings, what to do About that?


and lastly when the battery drops below 10% how Can I make it auto sleep. Now it just emptys till 0% and shuts down.


thanks for help

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Yes you can upgrade directly to HS but you need to update a few things first:

1) upgrade to latest Clover

2) update kexts if there are newer version

3) update Config file using latest Clover Configurator


Brightness control has change since 10.12.4. If you're upgrading from older OS X, you'll need to update the kext and patches as well.

I think I had posted a High Sierra bootpack for this model somewhere, use the search option 

See here for more info regarding upgrading to HS

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I upgraded the latest clover


Now. What kexts do I need to update?



And how do I do the config file update thing. I downloader clover configurator. Sorry if I'm stupid but i just don't know which kexts to download and where to put them.


Thanks :)


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Well it broke anyway. I have to start everything again and Create installing bootable usb. Any full tutorial For my PC in High Sierra. It’s not starting to osx anymore and rebooting after half way in Apple logo.


any tutorial. Please give a link if you know

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there is a photo. All i did recently was i used kext Wizard to install applehda and some other kexts. Then i did everything i could to config.plist change in the Clover configurator. I ”Created” some random numbers to the firmware features and the other sections. Put on the fixheaders.


it is Simply giving Kernel Extensions in backtrace:






waiting for remote debugger connection

kfp_poll: no debugger connection


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