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Dell 5548 High Sierra Issues during Installation

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I am trying to hackintosh my dell 5548 which has following configuration

Intel i5 5200u, amd graphics, 8 GB ram, A07 Bios 

I am using 8 gb usb 2.0 pen drive for clover and usb 3.0 32 GB pen drive for High Sierra Installation.

Some background Info-

I have previously installed Mac OS Sierra on this laptop successfully by following some guide here on osxlattitude. I am using exact same clover usb for High Sierra Installation. I have created the High Sierra pen drive by createinstallmedia terminal commands  

Problems I am facing:

When I boot into clover I cannot see the install High Sierra Drive but when I change my config.plit to generic/default clover config.plist I am able to see the installation drive.

To overcome this I booted into clover by default config and changed the config.plist in clover option menu. But by doing this the installation gets stuck at +++ signs.


Please help. I am attaching my EFI folder below. Thanks in advance!




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Probably need to add APFS.efi to /EFI/Clover/drivers64UEFI

You should also update your kexts especially Lilu.kext

See here for more info for HS

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Hii, I used the latest voodops2controller.kext and, touchpad is working now. I tried using AppleHDA.kext and I set audio id to 3 in devices tab of plist. This worked for just one time and after second reboot no audio

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According to IOReg and Config file, you had set layout-id to 5, not 3.

You need to change it to 3.

Since you have updated your files with AppleALC.kext, you no longer need the AppleHDA patch in kextToPatch in the Config file.

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what gestures are you referring to?

Please note your touchpad is not an Apple, so only limited gestures work:

  • 2 fingers scrolling
  • tap to drag
  • 2 fingers right click

gestures like pinch will not work.

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