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Dell 3542 and High Sierra 10.13.6


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After reading a lot of guides I'm trying to get a working mackintosh 10.13.6 on my Dell 3542.

Laptops specs are :

Intel i3- 4005u , 17ghz

8gb ram

Intel HD 4400

Broadcom BCM94352HMB


I want to help to get a  working dsdt, ssdt, clover, config.plist etc. Also , I would like my network card to be recognised at boot-clean installing and have airdop/handoff enabled.

Please , help me out to get the best possible hackintosh for my laptop

Thanks in advance.

Here is my dump files.

Send me MacBook-Pro.zip

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6 hours ago, Jake Lo said:

Try this, replace contents into /EFI/Clover3542_HS.zip


Thank you for your help.

At a quick glance everything working ok.

Some question though , trying to lean here too..


1) I see that you use audio 17. Is there any benefit of using instead of 3?
2) I read that with latest whatevergreen and lily we don't need all these Fakepci kexts.
3) With clover inject=detect will I have wifi and bluetooth at fresh install?
4) Should I add the new 10.13.6 usb limit or it is already implement in your config?

5) How does cpu and cpu power management seem to you ? I'm more concerned about cpu. It stays at 0.35ghz (idle , see photo). At Korey there is no max value.


Sorry of all these questions. Thank you again for your time and effort. I'm sending new dump files.


Send me MacBook-Air.zip


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1) try layout-id 3 yourself and see if there's any difference, change it in Config file

2) Remove FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics, see if graphics still the same

3) wifi will work, BT you'll need to install the firmware kexts to /L/E or replace BrcmFirmwareRepo with BrcmFirmwareData and place both BrcmPatchRAM2 & BrcmFirmwareData in Clover kexts folder instead of in /L/E

4) 10.13.6 port limit patch is added but disabled. Not needed for USB to work. If you want to use it, enable it and add USBInjectAll.kext to Clover kext folder

5) Seem ok, you'll need to run more test on your own

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2) Removed all Fake*.kexts and everything working as before. So with latest whatevergreen there is no need to add them

5) Videoproc (new macxcideo converter) shows h264 acceleration , but when converting a video doesn't use gpu just cpu. Maybe there is something there with gpu frequency ?


edit : pci lists are empty (photo)


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Nothing wrong with PCI list being empty, it's the case on most Apple Macs; If you want hardware to be listed here, you have to inject the data in your DSDT through _DSM methods; but that's entirely cosmetic.


You can look at my E6440 guide and grab one of the posted DSDT to check this out.


Re: HEVC, are you aware of its implementation details? Maybe you can refer to the standard and check Haswell iGPU capabilities (HD4400 has no support for HEVC if that still eluded you).




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