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White apple screen hangs and doesn't boot anymore

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I just found that the other partition on that same drive which I installed Linux mint appears to have all my files from the bad partition which isn't being read as an installation source upon attempting to re- install from a bootable USB.  I wonder if I can repair that partition from the Linux side and be able to boot up once again or maybe do a fresh install worst case scenario.

Any help to be had or have I been left on my own?

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1 hour ago, Artisto said:

Any response please? Or am I to be ignored?   If so, why should my need for help be ignored so?


Please take this as a friendly advice from another forum member. If you do not know how to do what you advised to do or need additional help, feel free to ask for help, but do not post 5 messages in a row.


I am little confused by your questions. You successfully added -v debug=0x100 when Allan instructed you to do that (before you posted that first picture), but when Jake told you just to add flag for single user mode, you didn't know what to do. You just need to add -s there and that's it. You can find info on boot flags here.


Jake also told you that there is much easier way to accomplish same thing. When Clover starts and you see icons, do not go to Options. Find your macOS partition and press SPACE. This should expose screen with boot arguments, where you can select the ones you need. Select Single User ModeVerbose and Debug. Then select Boot macOS with selected options and press ENTER.


Booting to single user mode with debug and verbose takes time. Waaaaaaiiiiiiit until text stop scrolling. You should see localhost:/root# prompt. If you don't see it but text stopped scrolling, press ENTER. Type /sbin/fsck -fy (and press ENTER) as many times as needed. When you finally get clean exit (with status 0) you're done. Type exit (and press ENTER).


After reboot try to start your system normally.


I just noticed something very odd. Your photos shows HAPPY NEW YEAR in Clover. That probably means that your BIOS clock is f... up, and that your system thinks that it is New Year. I would check BIOS and try to set correct date time first. Maybe is something wrong with your NVRAM. Check your CMOS battery too.


In any case try to access your EFI partition and post Clover folder from there. 

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Thanks for the replies,  I was pretty nervous, (felt abandoned in a time of need here )  almost all my systems went out at the same time,  I managed to claw back all of them except for the one subject of the topic here at hand...Standby, I will be posting as requested...

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