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Mojave + E6220


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If you want to install Mojave on the E6220, you have to apply specific non-vanilla adjustments as detailed here


As Bronx said, Mojave dropped support for HD3000 graphics so you'll have to install SNB/HD3000 graphics kexts from, say, High Sierra 10.13.6 and accept some minor graphics defects.


MBP8,1 SMBIOS won't support Mojave installation so you'd need to use a different and supported SMBIOS to kick off the installation process. You may then patch the SupportedPlatform plist to revert to MBP8,1. Alternatively, the -no_compat_check boot option should normally do.


As for Clover EFI, you can re-use the same as for Sierra or High Sierra; simply update the add-on kexts as/if necessary so that they support Mojave (eg: lilu, AppleALC, etc.).


You'll need a Mojave-compatible Clover version so use the latest available version.

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