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[SUCCESS] Dell E5450 Mojave - fine tuning


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Hi Jake and Team!


Been a while since posting on here - hope everyone is well.


My Dell E5450 with the help of Jake's guide was running nicely on HS so went to update to Mojave and success! Sound fixed with update from Jake too :)


I believe a little fine tuning is required as battery status not constant - need to enable in 'energy saver' in sys prefs. 


I have attached the debug files - system is great and a little fine tuning by someone more experienced than me can get these systems fully operational with Mojave.


Thanks in advance






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48 minutes ago, Jake Lo said:

Try this bootpack, replace into /EFI/Clover

Remove from/L/E

  • AppleBacklightInjector
  • VoodooHDA

Repair permissions and rebuild cache


Jake - you da man!! System running well. Will test over the next few days however things so far work a treat.


Sound, battery indicator all running nicely.


Just re the virtual SMC - is there any sensor kexts to monitor CPU / graphics like the old FMC plugins?


Again - many thanks pal. I also got myself a Lenovo Thinkpad T470s model - do you have much experience with these machines?

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6 hours ago, Retch said:



So would you recommend me to buy an e5450?

I have to choose between the e7440 and the e5440, the e5 has a newer CPU, but for the e7 exist more guides...

How long does your battery run on 100% brightness?

Have a nice day

Hey man,


I've no experience with the the 7000 series but can confirm the E5450 is rock solid and a very easy install using @Jake Lo guide.


Updates are quick and easy and have not had a bit of bother with it. Battery would be approx 3-4 hours depending what I'm doing with it. However the unit is probably 3 years old at this stage so I expect battery life would be better with a new battery. 


Hope this helps



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