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E7450 boot issue


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I  kept intelhaxm.kext and removed the else. 

It booted, but I didn’t have brightness control. So I repaired permissions and rebuilt cache. I rebooted and it worked. 

Then I accidentally put to stop and waked: stop was working. 

Then I rebooted and it didn’t boot. 

So I switched off and booted in verbose plus debug0x100. And this was the result. 

I switched off and booted again in verbose+debug0x100 and it booted again, with brightness but no sound. 

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I apologize for my bad English.

I wanted to say that system boots randomly, I would say once every 2-3 attempts, and it seems to boot only in verbose mode (but this might be only my impression).

Nevertheless, this is one of the attempts when it booted so I'm attaching debug. In this attempt I have brightness but no sound (as the last time it booted)



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4 hours ago, acquarius.13 said:


This is the L/E folder:

This one is the S/L/E folder:

I apologize for this long list..I supposed it would have been better than posting screenshots.


No, best is to post the output after running permissions fix and rebuild cache...that will list all the 3rd party non vanilla kexts in each directory

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