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DELL Latitude 3470 doesnt boot

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Hi I have a dell latitude 3470 and I have tried different EFI but none have ever successfully made it to the installation screen. May someone help me find the correct efi folder for intel hd 520 or the correct config.plist for the laptop.

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Hi Jake I have done that but was unsuccessful. I have found an EFI folder that gets me to the installation, but after installation graphics doesn't work and I have to boot with 0x12345678 fake id. I would really appreciate if you could give this a look at . This is a dell latitude 3470 (bios version 1.12.0), Mojave 4 mb intel hd 520. I have attached my current folder. Thanks in advance.

Latitude 3470 bios 1.12.0 EFI.zip

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