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Dell E5440 - Mojave - Not working USB 3.0 and SD Card Reader


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According to your IOReg, your E5440 is fitted with O2 Micro card reader 1217:8520, as expected. Therefore, all you need is the DSDT patch detailed here in this dedicated thread on the matter:


Your IOReg shows your SD card reader under ACPI device RP01:



Your original DSDT contains device RP01->PXSX. Jake has provided you with a revised patched DSDT where he's injected the SD card reader patch detailed at the above link:

  1. renaming of RP01.PXSX device to RP01.SDXC
  2. injection of compatibility with Apple's own card reader 14e4:16bc


With such DSDT injection, your card reader will work OOB without anything further.  



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